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Official Speech Recognition Tutorial (Windows 7)

This tutorial will tell you how to talk to your computer and tell it to do anything, without typing or clicking anything.***SEND ME A TOPIC TO GO OVER AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE*** New Video Every Week

20 Comments on Official Speech Recognition Tutorial (Windows 7)

  1. how to deactivate???

  2. thats good but i wanna know that how to make a computer talk. 

  3. Wow…if I knew this existed, I wouldn't have purchased Dragon.

  4. know one tells you once you switch this thing on it stays on. All I want to know is how to fully deactivate it, anyone with the right answer? im thinking of buying a new computer.

  5. u earned a free sub :D

  6. hello, how can i change the language in a word document? because im from the netherlands but if i must make a document i must make it in english…

  7. Thank you.

    I like that Calendar and Temperature in the lower right corner of your computer screen. Where did you get them from?

  8. you can also say correct he at 2:40 and it will bring up a screen where you can selct the word the word isnt there you can just say it

  9. Can I set to Indian pronunciation?????
    Plz reply meeeeeee

  10. Thank you, I didn't know my pc had this kool feature!

  11. Do we can tell words in speech and does they write

  12. Hi. Is it possible to dictate documents in different languages?? i.e., English and Spanish. My Spanish Windows7 allows me to dictate in Spanish but is it posible to dictate in English as well??

  13. do i have to stop and make correction before i go on or can i make the correction at the end.

  14. Thank you typing with it right now 🙂

  15. it was awesome can you help me out for the same task by using matlab

  16. It was helpfull but the other tuturials tell ou to tell the computer to start Lstening,or am I confused about the concept

  17. it was too hard .. im tired to said close close close … but it didn't work …fuuu

  18. too hard to speak to it

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