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OpenCV Windows Setup Tutorial (Visual Studio 2017)

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44 Comments on OpenCV Windows Setup Tutorial (Visual Studio 2017)

  1. nice, can you also do one for tensorflow c++ on windows 10 with vs 2017?

  2. can't open source file "assert.h"
    can't open source file "ctype.h"
    and more similar errors
    used above link to solve the problem but it didn't help

  3. Thank you teacher THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. It works with openCV 4.10 and VS2019 ! thanx for that explanation!
    But one thing to absolutely correct work in this version. Files *.lib at this time u should split for different configurations( For Debug – opencv_world410d.lib, and second file for Release!

  5. You're an absolute lifesaver dude

  6. Thank you ????

  7. Мы русские, с нами Бог!

  8. Thank you. This video helped me to apply the 3.3.1 version.
    You mentioned about some setting at the beginning of the video and you said something like "If you are working with VS17, you are fine". Can you explain that thing (or link to another video) ? Thank you.

  9. can this use for php-opencv?

  10. does it work for 32bits?
    Because I'm usign glew32

  11. oh boy. I basically messed up my entire proejct, not your fault of course.

  12. Thank you!

    Where is CV.h?

  13. is there any way to do this for every newly created project or each time we have to set these things for a new project?

  14. When I try to run anything, I get Link1104 error, cannot open file 'opencv_world401.lib'
    Yes, I used opencv_world401 for all my names instead of opencv_world331like in this video as the versions are different. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  15. great my friend, was really cool without using complicated things!

  16. can you do with python ?

  17. can u do the same with python on visual studio

  18. Thank you very much sir. You saved my time!

  19. Great Tutorial! Thanks! Thumb up.

  20. Thank you, it helped me a lot!

  21. i have an error… Impossible to open 'opencv_world343.lib' … how can i solve?

  22. i am not getting the option of visual c++ general when i open project inside new in vcc 2017.what to do?

  23. HI team, Nice work i have a question for you as below:
    1. How to import #include <opencvcv.h> and #include <opencvhighgui.h>
    As i am using for motion tracking but i cannot import these 2 libraries.
    can you please help me ASAP.

  24. //#include "../../External Libraries/build/include/opencv2/opencv.hpp"
    #include "../../External Libraries/build/include/opencv2/opencv.hpp"
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    int main()


  25. Still not working for me. #include <open nothing shows up.

  26. Don't know if you might answer. I keep on getting error directory mutex is not supported… for my clr project and I notice that I get this error when I write #include.. By any chance, do you know how can I fix this? Or is there something wrong with my Visual Studio? I'm using the 2017 version

  27. could you show us how to add the contrib libraries along with vtk for the viz module

  28. Hello, can i use the same methods for the contrib libraries as well. Have been strugling to make it work again!!

  29. Very helpful fantastic video!! Could you make one with Qt creator?

  30. very nicely explained! thanks.

  31. Yup, it worked! I used OpenCV3.4.1 and Visual Studio 2017 CE

  32. First of all thank you very much for your video! But in Debug, you need to link only the debug library opencv_world331d.lib. In Release you need opencv_world331.lib…. otherwise in Debug mode the imshow() will create a new window.

  33. Thanks man!!! huge help. I've been trying the cmake way and been getting errors. SUPER GRATEFUL! liked & subscribed!

  34. can you do a video about how to install OpenCV-python please

  35. thank u so muchh i love you man you really helped me, i was like to stop useing open cv, but thanks

  36. + cap <Information not available, no symbols loaded for opencv_world341.dll> cv::VideoCapture
    I used VideoCapture with error.

  37. Extremely good tutorial, well done helped me a lot.

  38. Good Job ! Which font do you use for windows ?

  39. Thank You very much 🙂

  40. Awesome! At last, this is what I needed to finally launch my OpenCV project!
    Thank you for this, it really helped me! 😀

  41. Very Clear and very helpful. honestly spend an entire day trying to sort this. thank you

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