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Optimize SSDs (Windows 7/8)

Optimize your SSD configuration for the best possible experience and life from your SSD.


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19 Comments on Optimize SSDs (Windows 7/8)

  1. Good stuff, thank you!

  2. Hi, nice video. But on Win 10 you shouldn't disable Windows Search. It's needed to find installed programms in the start menu search! Sine the Video is ment to also work for win 10, you maybe should mention it in the comments

  3. I messed up by cloning my original HDD to my 240gb SSD. I have 150gb to use, with only ~80gb available (before putting 2 games in there).

    My issue is that my BIOS indicates that I am running in an AHCL setup, however, when I go into my Device Manager it indicates I'm in IDE. Not just that, but my registry is completely missing the msachi key, and I don't even know if I had it before.

    Any thoughts on what I should do?

  4. My SSD was running in IDE for almost a year now :o

  5. very good, thanks

  6. I have an SSD C: and a standard drive D: can I set them up independently or these actions effect both drives?

  7. most of these settings are enabled automatically on windows 10

    Samsung still has not published the 4.8 Update for Windows 10!

  9. Should I be using Windows Disc Clean up on an SSD ?

  10. great video and clear. Sorted my new Samsung 250GB evo ssd, I would have done NONE of that without this video. Thanks.

  11. Hi guys, fyi, if you disable your page file, and you happen to be using a ton of ram, you WILL eventually start getting message about running out of virtual memory and will start experiencing crashes.

    The better way to setup your page file is to have it set to a small amout to start (like 100mb or something) and then let it expand as needed up to a maximum that you set.

    Modern computer systems MUST have virtual memory to run. Even when you turn it off, virtual memory is still active anyway.

  12. But what if your running in Raid 0? you can't use AHCI

  13. Windows 10 actually has pagefile disabled by default which is good.

  14. Just wanted to see how much space I could free up on the SSD. Learned new things. Thanks mate.

  15. One more thing you forgot to mention, is that disabling hybernation will also turn off Windows 8/10 Fast Boot feature. So, if you'd like even faster boot, don't disable it.

  16. Hello, my asus laptop created two partitions (Data and the Main C Drive) how can I make it one partition instead?

  17. Great video very helpful!

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