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Play Pokemon Go on Mac or PC using Nox with GPS hack

I wanted to review the Nox App Player / Pokemon Go emulator, but it was only available for PC / Windows users. So I will show you how to get Windows 10 for free on your Mac installed with bootcamp, and then proceed to install and review the Nox (windows only) app player, and demonstrate it’s GPS / location spoofing abilities.


(UPDATED August 10th, 2016)
Nox App Player with Pokemon Go…

21 Comments on Play Pokemon Go on Mac or PC using Nox with GPS hack

  1. How to revert back to my mac?

  2. It says that the nox player doesn't work on this version of windows

  3. If you can figure this out again to work today, you'd be a hero! Nobody else seems to have!

  4. how do i go back to mac now

  5. When I open boot camp it lists tasks and needs usb?

  6. it doesn't worek anymore 🙁
    They are banning emulators

  7. it successfully installed on Win8 but when I go to run it, it gets stuck on 99%. After a while i get a pop up that says "system init timeout, please restart." I've gotten this multiple times even after restarting and reinstalling Nox. Anyone know how to get past this?

  8. can u ever get back to the mac

  9. why would my computer suffer if i have the best mac money can buy?

  10. Hello, Tommy

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to really teach how to do something.
    Pokémon GO is showing "our servers are humbled by your incredible response" any update on this?


  11. WHY!!! This device, OS, software is not compatible with Pokemon Go.

  12. After everything went totally smooth – can anyone tell me why all of a sudden it says this app is not compatible with this device .

  13. Unable to authenticate, please try again. Please help. Doing this from a PC and I tried the update.

  14. You are veryyyyy attractive. For more reasons than just your looks…

  15. does it work on version 0.37.1???

  16. Great video, nice editing, nicely recorded

    Oh wait u didnt edit at all and you recorded this with actual camera, nice. very nice man

  17. Since the Pokemon go is now version 0.37.0
    The game doesn't work now, is there a way to update the game in Nox?

  18. Hey Tommy! Just wondering if this will work with the new version – Pokémon GO_v0.37.0? I gave it a go and can't get it to work.

  19. The startup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume or already partitioned by Boot Camp Assistant for installing Windows. mine says that how do i fix it

  20. My boot camp drive won't show up to format when I'm setting up the Windows, any solutions?

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