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Playing Music In Ventrilo (With Windows 7/Vista Fix and Bot Tutorial)


With the help of two other programs, you can play music to others in Ventrilo while speaking to them at the same time. Your music will be very high quality and no other sounds on your computer will be picked up.

Song is Mystery by Station X


Other Media Players that work:
Windows Media Player

33 Comments on Playing Music In Ventrilo (With Windows 7/Vista Fix and Bot Tutorial)

  1. It's been saying that VAC you put has a virus. 

  2. is there any way to do this with spotify using winamp?

  3. I can't find this virtual audio control panel you showed
    Or much of anything you showed for that matter
    It would really help if the screen wasn't black for the most part

  4. I guess my question is, how would I stream pandora over vent, can it be done?

  5. Run it as an administrator (right click the program -> "Run as administrator")

  6. Anyone figure out how to fix the quallity?

  7. Same with me, what do we do with this?

  8. i can find the virtual audio cable Control panel? were do i open that from?????/ PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 1st Audio Repeater: Wave in: Line 1, Wave out: Speakers/Headset
    2nd Audio Repeater: Wave in: Line 1, Wave out: Line 2
    3rd Audio Repeater: Wave in: Mic, Wave out: Line 2

    Should work like that

  10. me too, but its still on 2 when i open it again, and theres 2 lines. I just followed the remaining steps and its working 🙂 unless you dont see 2 VAC at your sounds menu ofcourse!

  11. in the control panel setting cables from 1 to 2 i get
    (cannot change device property 0/5 – access denied)

  12. when i tried doing this over skype my music is EXTREAMLY loud and my mic is very quiet. anyone know how to fix this?

  13. thanks but is there a way to make it so you can have a bot in vent to constanly do the music not just you

  14. i set it up i do not want the sound to come threw my headphones even though i have winamp set to line 1 vac i still hear the music on my headphones i even went into my sounds and set line 1 vac to default why am i hearing the music?

  15. Dude I did that I bought the full version AND IT STILL FUCKING SAYS TRAIL WHAT THE FUCK!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  16. Hmm, strange, it actually just started working and not giving that error. I have been just not using that third repeater lately and instead made a second account on vent that was devoted to just music while my main was for talking as a means around the problem but maybe I don't have to do that anymore, ill test it later tonight when some friends come online. Sorry to bother you and thanks for the response.

  17. What's the error?

  18. Hey I'm not sure if you are still answering questions but I'm having an issue with the 3rd Audio repeater I'm opening to make it go from mic to line 2 but my mic is actually my logitech headset but when I select it, it doesn't let me set it, it gives me an error.

  19. How do I fix the trial sound that keep popping out every 3 seconds? I did what the description says yet it keeps doing it.

  20. is there some prize for jump through hoops that I don't know of? why don't just play some music with any program and use stereo mix as input device on vent?

  21. need help, music in vent sounds really bad, what can i do to make it sound better?

  22. My VAC wont let me change any settings it just says access denied

  23. Great tutorial, thanks for the program links as well

  24. is this the fucking stupid comment that complains about VAC

  25. this doesnt work im running optical out damit

  26. LOL I just ran 2 machines. so one had Line 1 as it's primary recording and listening device … worked great (I need to stream from youtube).

    Now I am just fighting to make the sound quality better.

  27. Hi! This Tutorial works great but I got one quick question. My computer doesn't have Stereo Mix so I have to connect my integrated microphone to line 2 in the repeater. This makes it that loud noises in my house play out to my DJ. Any suggestions?

  28. You can change the volume through your music player.

  29. UM player works as well.

  30. lol i was just about to post that

  31. Read the note below the download link.

  32. Read the note below the download link.

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