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Pro Tools Tutorial: Pro Tools Hack – Create Track Presets In Pro Tools

This was sent to us by community member Phillip Nichols.

It’s a simple hack to get Pro Tools to create track presets. Simple and genius.

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Windows version is here

24 Comments on Pro Tools Tutorial: Pro Tools Hack – Create Track Presets In Pro Tools

  1. Thanks a lot for the tip! I'm using PT12 and I've saved the templates in Documents/Pro Tools/Track Presets since this is the location Pro Tools created the template folders.

    So if the application folder is not working for anyone just check if you have it in your documents folder.

  2. doesn't work with PT2018 🙁 the only options I get are Avid/Application Manager/ (not Highlighted). Damn shame, I could have used this

  3. NICE!!! Great video, never knew this about PT. Thanks for sharing, this should be a nice little time saver

  4. How did I just stumble upon this video? This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life!

  5. Can't get this to work in Pro Tools 12 on Mac. Here's what I did

    Documents/ProTools/ >created Track Presets folder>created Sub Folder>saved track (renamed .ptxt)

    It just doesn't show up in the new track dialogue in PT.

    If you are on windows, this particular pro tools folder that you need to place the Track Presets in is located in Documents.
    You are welcome!

  7. Does this work in Protools 12?

  8. This is so great!! Thank you 🙂

  9. Hey PTE!
    Great vid. I have used the hack for about a year now. I am on PT HD9 but a really wierd thing has happend, dont know when it started. I no longer have the Export selected track as new session. Its simply not there. I have, Select new track as AAF/OMF, Midi, sibelious or Save info as text. Only midi and save info as text can be chosen. The other options are geayed out and the needed Export selected track as new session has vanished.
    Do you have any idea whats the reason for this? I need to make new instruments 🙂
    Hope you can heltp 🙂

  10. I'm Getting This PROMT With Pro Tools 12.4 Mac Os 10.10.4 Yosemite
    Any Hep! ?? Please! :
    "Could not save as because Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/158347/ProTools/NewFileLibs/XChg/XChg.cpp", line 3421."
    (Use the Copy button to copy this message to the clipboard.) while translating Audio Playlist Sets.

    Other "PresetTracks" I've Created In The Past Are Working Fine.. It's This New One I've Created In PT 12 it's Either Crashing Or Not Letting My Save As ?? Im Setting It Up Just Like The Pro Tools 11 Video From PT EXPERT – (Documents > ProTools >Track Presets > Sub Folder — Ect. Any One Els Using PT 12 Here Thanks

  11. Its 2016 And I just came across this video…its excellent!I am using Pro Tools 11 on a Windows7 OS.  If your Pro Tools personal settings are in the (default) location.//Users/"User name"/My Documents/Pro Tools/…The instructions will work fine, just create the new folder: "/Track Preset" inside the Pro Tools folder above.You can make a nice directory structure and place files within you new directory, so the new track dialog looks nice when you open for a new track.  This will also work for multiple track presets as well.

  12. I wanna marry Phillip Nichols. Great idea man, congrats!

  13. Hey! Thanks for the video. I see this is a few years old and I just licensed PT 12 but it seems that the 'Track Preset' folder is no longer in the Pro Tools folder – any idea where they moved it to? Thank you!

  14. I am still can not do this? I do not have a folder applicationavidpro tools? I can create the .ptxt file click on it but can not get it listed under new tracks in pro tools 11? HELP please

  15. Why cant Avid build a better system. Anyhow this is amazing. Thanks for the hack

  16. Like RYON B said, the presets MUST be in a sub-folder in the Track Presets folder for this to work.  You can't just put all your presets in the main folder. That would be too easy 😉

  17. Has anybody tried this with multiple tracks? it would be cool to have a drum preset which brings up about 8 channels, labeled with eq and compression ready.

  18. not being able to do this in Protools 11 and I'm sure probably not PT12. is completely stupid. Hey avid since you are charging people a ton of money for your feature limited bullshit software.. can't you people at least give it the same features as EVERY OTHER Daw out there.. I think Fred and Barney quit using Protools because of the lack of features.. 

  19. Doesn't work for me, I can't find that Avid Icon in my Applications folder and hence no Pro Tools Icon. There is an Avid folder but that doesn't contain any Pro Tools Icon either. I just can't believe they don't feature saving track settings. Kinda stone age… 🙁

  20. This is very cool and a time saver! BTW, it may already have been said, but you can save an array of tracks using the same technique. For example, I saved an entire drum mix config, including mono/st tracks, and submix Aux in the same track preset. That way when i want to set up a drum session i just select Drum Set and bamn!

  21. Fabuleux, extraordinaire ! Merci !!!

  22. I'd certainly hope you're not using the same plugins on different projects. This would deviate from their unique sound.

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