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Queen Sacrifice checkmate in 7 moves

This has only worked twice in many years of playing chess. I wouldn’t recommend trying this if playing against an experienced opponent. Corrections: Italian Opening* Move pawn to h3 before NxE5 if you wish to be more cautious.

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  1. Why dont you just say its the Legal Mate instead of this title

  2. Most savage checkmate ever

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  4. Says stupider, plays the "Ruy Lopez". Go study, kids. Do it with socks

  5. i did win a game with this trick once. only once, but i did. unforgettable

  6. Ranks alongside "Fool's Mate" and "Scholar's Mate" Only a greenhorn would fall for it 🙂

  7. that isn't really a roy lopez

    update: I'm wrong because this is the italian variation of Ruy Lopez

  8. Or Simply it is lagal's mate where you can even avoid losing pieces if your opponent doesn t fall in the trap by playing h3 before playing Nf3xe5

  9. So you're playing hope chess? thats dumb

  10. You are really stupid

  11. my friend eat my queen idiot

  12. Oh the old in built chess game in windows. Love it.

  13. ruy lopez is Bb5

  14. Very nice trap for biginners. Legal trap. But first push pawn.

  15. The knight could also move to the G5 square except eating the pawn in E5 square

  16. Thx bro I'll try this in my next tornament!

  17. Wow when did you learn that

  18. only the fool players will take the queen there!!!

  19. It should be 8 moves
    1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 Nc6
    3.Bc4 d6
    4.Nc3 Bg4
    5.h3 Bh5
    6.Nxe5 Bxd1
    7.Bxf7+ Ke7


    Guys if you ask h3 because if black didn't capture at d1 if he captures your knight then capture his/her bishop on h5
    And its called legal's mate trap

  20. Bishop c is actually the Italian game
    And this sacrifice is called the legàl pseudo sacrifice
    Nevertheless a good video!

  21. In chess, 2D > 3D. That's all.

  22. nice slide show mate

  23. Gonna sting my dad with this one – cheers mate!

  24. As others pointed out, you'll end without your knight and in a bad position if you don't use the pawn to threaten the bishop. And why the hell don't you use winboard instead of that fancy bullshit?

    Brace for text:

    Having played Philidor for like 20 years (and around 10 of those I only played black), I met Legall's trap a lot and falled for it a lot when I was younger. Now, if you get in that position (before the trap springs) there are 2 obvious choices for black:
    a. Exchange the light bishop for the knight protecting the queen (trap nullified)
    b. Move your bishop back to face the white's light bishop (trap nullified by wasting a move)
    The computer will always favor option A and give it a better score and is obvious why since option B seems a wasted move. Lots of players will do that too. Myself played that a lot.

    BUT I found out that the stupid computer programs are dumb and score wrong the dangers. In option A if the queens are exchanged and white pushes for exchanging its remaining knight for one of black's knight, white is left with that light bishop and the e pawn in the center which any seasoned Philidor player recognizes as the worst enemy while the stupid computer says "screw that, light bishop on this diagonal not as bad as option B". In fact the computer nullifies it by a stressful even to look at advance of the pawns trying to force it out of the diagonal and at the same time to counter white's own pawns advance. No player can do that. It is annoying and stressful and to hell with it. White will eventually take the exchange with the remaining black knight instead of having its bishop sidelined. The game will likely end in a draw with white still dominating,.

    Now option B as I mentioned earlier is rated far worse by the dumb computers, still I find it better and the computer lacks the player instinct. The white will dominate even more and probably gain a pawn in the process, but by the end of the middle game black should be able to double one of white's pawns. At this time the computer so sure about the advantage starts dropping even though the black is still mostly boxed in its own side. I even had one instance when Stockfish playing itself for a whole freaking day got owned by black in a mate on the a-file. And not only it didn't see it coming, THE BLACK didn't see it coming either. By the time it got into forced moves it was still 0.000. Yeah, the engine who beats most other engines didn't see it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Restarted from few moves before and white moved a bit differently still being in a stupid position that smells fishy, but managed a draw in the end after a lot of effort..

    Option A if doesn't end in pretty early queen exchange, might raise even more sinister dangers for the black side. So yeah, I tend to favor option B.

  25. This not ruy lopez its italian game

  26. What the heck is this

  27. This is a version of Legal's Mate. Look it up.

  28. wow this is retarderd, you have to kick the bishop back first, then if knigt captures you just take the bishop

  29. It wasn't a ruy Lopez it was a Italian

  30. isnt this a Legal Psuedo Sacrifice?

  31. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  32. 0:30 Black Should Have Taken the queen
    BAd Move

  33. Ummm… it's called the Legal Trap, and that's more common on Philidor's defence, and that's Itatian, not Ruy Lopez

  34. I hear a lot of 'ifs' ^^

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