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Quick & Simple Life Hacks #12

Here is an awesome list of Life Hacks to make everything easier. Cool down your coffee, make your own popcorn, build a stylus from a potato chip bag and lot’s more!
Topics covered:
1. How to cool your coffee
2. How to store wrapping paper
3. Salad Dressing Saver
4. Make a plastic scoop from a milk jug
5. Make popcorn with a paper bag and microwave
6. Make a tablet stylus from an old bag of chips
7. How to pack liquids in your luggage

Post your own in the comments!


20 Comments on Quick & Simple Life Hacks #12

  1. you can also use the cardboard tube from an empty wrapping paper role it works better because it rolls together tighter

  2. I have a hack, if ur having trouble opening a soda can, get a fork or spoon, put the end that u don't eat with under the tab, then push down on the other end, the tabs will go up and the can will open

  3. 1:22 XD "it will even work when your dog takes a large POPCORN!"

  4. ok ok so im saying ok s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o wHAT

  5. This also works when your dog takes a big POPCORN!!!

  6. you can also use the ice cube tray to make scented wax cubes for one of those wax candles powered by light bulbs by melting the scented wax you bought and let it cool for a few seconds then pour it in an ice tray and no freezer is needed cause wax cools fast on it's own

  7. Is there part 13

  8. For number two, I've always used some 3 inch ribbon and taped it around

  9. I just realized he's left handed. Reply if you are a lefty

  10. Is your fan dusty and don't have a long duster get a rubber glove and wipe it down and now you aren't gonna be sneezing when you turn your fan on oh and get a sturdy chair

  11. U can put toiletries in the box of aluminium foil or cling wrap

  12. Damn.. i hate it when my dog takes a huge popcorn and never shares >:(

  13. "It will also work when your dog takes a POPCORN!!!"

  14. Hack: put pushpins in your wall and hang your cords there

  15. the baking soda as a gift was a great idea

  16. Did he write 'merry xmas jerk'? 😂😂😂

  17. 0:19 it's not delivery, its DIGIORNO

  18. Using my chip bag stylus rn.

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