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Realm of the Mad God Hacked Client 27.7.1 [Fast Update]

The Video may show old versions but the download link is always updated

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Client :

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20 Comments on Realm of the Mad God Hacked Client 27.7.1 [Fast Update]

  1. Doesnt work and got my account perm bannd

  2. I cant open the link…

  3. If it says D'oh this isnt good and has an error, here is easy solution, follow these steps:
    1. click the button of the error thing
    2. a black screen or something should be there
    3. right click
    4. go down to where it says global settings
    5. click the advanced stab
    6. scroll to the bottom
    7. click trusted location setting add
    9. dont type anything, just press Add file
    10. goto where you downloaded rotmg hack 2771.swf
    11. click open
    12. click confirm
    13. close everything, just flash player
    14. and open the client back up and it should work

  4. Does it work for mac?

  5. L and p for dungeons dont work and for the realm dont work ??

  6. I cant press "L" to get to last realm, and "P" to last dungeon, why?

  7. No longer working, new update?

  8. unable to load language keeps popping up when i try loading it

  9. the keys L and P doesnt work for me

    what i need to do?

  10. dont like the update,,cant go back to dungeons or TP to valt :(

  11. what is wrong whit p,l,k buttons?

  12. WTF man, maybe some of us want to play the game legit, it's not cool with all the hackers running around stealing boss kills and taking the loot!

  13. I downloaded ur client. only 27.3.1…. Please update that? 27.7.1?

  14. without reconnect?

  15. Dungeon reconnect NOT WORKING! Supposed to be auto set to P and it's not. And there is no hotkey page.

  16. F1 isnt working anymore please fix this

  17. +RotMG Hacks MY shortcut buttons such as L P K to go to dungeons and vault DONT WORK any results on how to get it fixed?

  18. +RotMG Hacks the reconnect hacks don't work

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