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Reset the Entire Registry Permissions to Defaults with SubInACL by Britec

Reset the Entire Registry Permissions to Defaults with SubInACL by Britec

1. Backup your Data and the Registry from your operating system
2. Download and install the SubInACL utility from this link:

3. Create a new text file named fix_registry_permissions.bat and add the following text to it (you can copy/paste it) and save it in program filesWindows Resource KitsTools


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34 Comments on Reset the Entire Registry Permissions to Defaults with SubInACL by Britec

  1. Ok, hold up people. Am I the only one that noticed OUT OF 0VER 25,000 PERMISSIONS, HE ONLY MODIFIED "51" OF THEM…….. 25,441 Permissions F A I L E D to modify or change. *It's RIGHT THERE in video for ALL to see & obviously ALL to miss as well…… ***Britec09—> you… got… some… explainin'… to.. do…. :)**

  2. Britec09 — I have a question; What are the highest numbers you've ever seen for the most ever failed registry entries on a single business or personal computer (and the combined totals for highest amounts of failed registry entries) for one of these fixes?

  3. This is ultimate human great work thanks very much !!!!

  4. Won't fix my issue as i really numbered my PC regedit. Can't download anything as my Regedit is broken. Can't download = I can't fix. Do you have any other ways of fixing the issue of reseting regedit?

  5. Access denied even though I open cmd with admin and start the process,also when my cmd works it doesn't show anything just red on top of cmd.

  6. It want's to open powershell over cmd,why?how do I make cmd be the one and not powershell

  7. can't create a registry fix folder,it constantly says the file was not found

  8. Can u give me the back up i dont have it, my regedit is error cant merge because i modified something on hkeyclases root,regfile,shell

  9. I love you man thanks brother!!!

  10. Hi i have deleted few reg keys can you guid me how i can recover them pls tks.

  11. 99999 failed .. :/ what to do ?

  12. Held down the shift key, right clicked for the menu but no open command window ?

  13. You're a genius! Thank you!

  14. Pin this please, for anyone having trouble opening the bat file or only having the powershell option and not the cmd, here's how you fix it.

    Instead of bat, save the file with the copied description with any name e.g "gg.cmd". Make sure it's cmd and not bat. Once you're done saving this inside the tools file, you're gonna press Windows+R to bring up the run menu. Click browse and lead it all the way to gg.cmd. Double left click on it and voila. I'll happily answer any queries as I know how frustrating this can be. Finally, this will take some time. I for one am certainly impatient and almost thought I was stuck in an endless loop, but know that you're not. Great video btw. Couldn't have done it without you.

  15. Thanks!♥ you are a god ahah

  16. is this allowed also in windows 10?

  17. why did we install subinacl.exe???
    couldn't we just run that .bat from desktop??

  18. is it working for win 10?

  19. this resets your permisson to add regestery files so i had to fully reset windows

  20. Hey i come here just to ask how i can import my backup it says that it cant reset it cause it is to mutch data or it is in use PLEASE help me dude i really need to fix this.

  21. shift click not working what's an alternate way to open command prompt

  22. I had more than 50k of faults :'(

  23. Thank you very much you saved my PC

    Just go into the Folder and drag subinacl.exe on your bat.
    So just hold leftclick on subinacl.exe and let it go right on your bat.
    Sry for my English .-.

  25. I fucked something in regedit that my cpu and gpu increased by 10-20+ iddle/gamming, hopefully it will fix it, i will edit comment if it does or not, thanks for this video anyways

  26. It doesn't launch when I press enter, there is a text saying that this command is not identified as internal or external command bla bla bla.. please help.. this is the only tutorial in youtube… please help my computer is messed up

  27. How Does it work on windows 10 ? Please help bro

  28. i cant find windows resources kit

  29. ;

    you should do it on windows 10 too…

    I mean do the tutorial on windows 10 too…

    too long

  30. Bro, it says Open in PowerShell instead of Open in Command Prompt….and even if I run (what you said) in PowerShell, It says something like this:

    fix_registry_permissions.bat : The term 'fix_registry_permissions.bat' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet,
    function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the
    path is correct and try again.
    At line:1 char:1
    + fix_registry_permissions.bat
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (fix_registry_permissions.bat:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

    Please Help BRO!

  31. I am using a dell laptop and when I shift + right click it pops up with Powershell instead of CMD and its backround is blue instead of black, not that that makes much difference. But it doesn't work. please help.

  32. I cant open command window on tools, theres just no that option, pls help

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