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Ring Spotlight Camera and Floodlight Cam Night Vision Hack To Full Color

*** Ring’s Night Vision Update –

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I posted a video about my Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight camera’s night vision…about a couple of weeks ago…and wanting Ring to update their app and firmware so that users can switch on or…

41 Comments on Ring Spotlight Camera and Floodlight Cam Night Vision Hack To Full Color

  1. @Lifehackster I did this and it worked! Well done. The only problem I have is that eventually the tape peels away and causes anomalous reflections and then the whole thing blows off in the wind. I'm on my third bit of fibre optic and sticky tape. Do you have this problem?

  2. Whats the story with Ring ? My Spotlight was working fine at nite time switching off IR and suddenly is not,after chat with customer support they sent out new one and just installed it and its still the same thing ????‍♂️ did they change it back to what it was before or whats the story here ?

  3. My Ring Spotlight cam's IR night vision doesn't switch off when my spotlights turn on. The IR's stay on and it really washes the whole image out. Will try this hack to see if it makes a difference but Ring really should get their act together with their products.

  4. THANK YOU !!! So simple yet AWESOME trick,, I like RING products but I hated the black & white, very blurry night vision, HORRIBLE!! ( Come on RING Team listen to the people !!)

  5. Another awesome Ring video, keep them coming and we’ll all keep Liking. Have you ever considered doing a video of what new products you would like to see from Ring, like maybe a outdoor PTZ camera, solar rechargeable battery Smart Floodlight, laser beam device for a driveway for when a vehicle or person crosses that beam to signal your Ring alarm? Maybe a video like this would generate some interesting comments that could capture Ring’s attention.

  6. I dont even have a ring door bell just my 2 rottwilers teddy&bruce great vlog

  7. Has the update been released yet, ? August 2019

  8. Has Ring updated the app so you can manually turn off night vision?

  9. I dont have a Ring but, what if you just put a piece of electrical tape over the sensor, instead?

  10. Quick question bud, knowing what you know now, if you were to buy just one system, would you go for the ring system or a swann or lorax camera system?

  11. I bow to your greatness

  12. Very smart! Thanks for sharing!

  13. They have fixed this with an updated already right?

  14. Smart cookie! ????

  15. Great idea, YOU ARE THE MAN

  16. Ring needs to update their glass breaking sensors now for their security system. If someone has the sensors on and a door is opened the alarm will trigger. If glass is broken it will not sense anyone which makes the whole unit useless.

  17. well this was a year ago and ring still has not fixed this NV thing.

  18. Hi. Can this hack work with the ring doorbell 2? I want to get rid of night vision.

  19. Thanks for the hack!

  20. Nice hack/video, havent purchased yet, ($$) any word on update or hack still needed? Thnx

  21. Awesome, thx for sharing your bright ideas.

  22. Has this issue been fixed in the update now?

  23. Will fishing line work as well ? If I use thicker strands of line??

  24. Hi, can you also ask Ring to update the doorbell pro to switch off the night vision cam too when the front porch light is on. Camera is more clearer when the night vision is off.

  25. Great info, LifeHackster. Is the fiber optic work-around available for use on the Ring Door Bell Pro? I just installed doorbell and floodlight. Called Ring and they said that turning off night vision is not an option : (

  26. Brilliant!!!????????

  27. they still have not rolled this out, if its a fix

  28. dude, you are so smart. This is such a brilliant and simple hack

  29. Pure genius. I have three. Tape kept coming off but blue tack worked really well.

  30. Does Ring has changed the firmware at this time? I’ve got ring doorbell and floodlight. Nice job!

  31. Very helpful hack! You would think that @ring would have fixed this though. Considering you did this with your free time is impressive, maybe Ring could incorporate your idea into the 2.0 model with this issue fixed. Untill then, I'm going to wait because as it is an awesome hack, I can't see the tape, glue, whatever I use to keep fiberoptic strands in place for a definitive amount of time

  32. After watching many of your videos I have bought the doorbell 2 and now I really want to buy the floodlight camera. Has this been updated yet to fix the night vision you spoke about in this video? What would be great is that as soon as the lights come on the night vision switches off, surely this is being looked at by Ring.

  33. Freakin brilliant!!

  34. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like they still haven't made the update. I did install the fiber optic and it works great. I used some .08 fiber, but it is more expensive and is not as flexible. I found that you can shape it with a heat gun but you have to be careful not to heat it too much or it will curl up. I took a piece of #10 gage wire, shaped it to what I wanted the fiber to be, used wire ties to attach the fiber to the wire, and heated it with a heat gun. It's tricky to know how much heat so you just have to experiment. I still have issues with choppy audio and sometimes video and a very limited motion detection area at night.

  35. Snow works well for this too!

  36. Good opening question. Now I have to watch this all the way through. Good job.

  37. Great job. Please keep up with the good work

  38. I just got the ring floodlight battery, and it doesn't switch to color when the light goes on, with the fiber optic. I'm thinking this only works with the wired one. Yes? Guess I'll be returning it for a wired one.

  39. Very clever !!!!

  40. A hot glue gun may work better than the scotch tape. Great hack!

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