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Rules of Survival BEST Settings to WIN!! (Tips and Tricks)

“Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks – Rules of Survival Best Settings – Rules of Survival How to Win Tips (Gameplay iOS Android PC) PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Mobile (Max/Ultra Graphics) Best Battle Royale Settings on Mobile (Rules of Survival Game Tips)”



Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another Rules of Survival video! In this video, I do…

42 Comments on Rules of Survival BEST Settings to WIN!! (Tips and Tricks)

  1. REUPLOADED BECAUSE IT DIDN’T SHOW UP ON MY CHANNEL! I spent like 5 hours on this video, you’d best believe I want it to notify properly!

  2. the sensitivity in ros mobile is rubbish

  3. J7 prime bro????still lag even power savings

  4. I play in 5s when running you can run high but when clash lag at high only balance setting

  5. Remember the time when ros had pans

  6. How about SONY XPERIA XA? excellent or high?

  7. Can u tell me how to see grass in the game?

  8. I have oppo a83 2gb im at balance but still lagging

  9. I use an iPad mini 3 and it so laggy even on power saving when I look at my friend iPad mini2 no lag

  10. Hi Exxotic new subscriber

  11. My Gpu sitting under 60% but my CPU stressing

  12. How to Horn Car?
    I didn't find any option

  13. what if the device is oneplus 3

  14. Please Is rules of survival better than hopeless land

  15. My device ram 2gb so much lag

  16. Settings for xiaomi A2 Lite Please

  17. Tips on IPhone 5s users or any phone that has fps: Go to settings then general then reset and reset all settings it will help clear the junk in your phone( this is not permanent fix but if it lags again just repeat it) this method help me achieve 100 wins in ros

  18. Dude thank you so much I needed this for my new iPhone I am going to get for My B-day October 23 turning 14 thank so much

  19. I learn more tips and skill about your video i will subcribe 🙂

  20. My phone are lag
    Phone version vivo y55s 3gb ram

    Give me a answer how i removed lag plss

  21. The P20 Lite runs this game at high pretty smoothly

  22. Y o u H a v e S m a l l D i c k

  23. You dont need settings to win its about the person plus your in bronze racket mostly bot and stupid players

  24. I use iPad and I am pro I have about 100 wins or more I only play with thumbs lol

  25. Max FPS = 10% battery discharge in 10 minutes :/

  26. Bro i have samsung galaxy j5 prime can you help me?

  27. Where do you click the settings

  28. Trash.. Of aim.. when its horizontal. its only horizontal. when vertical only vertical. total trash of battle royale 2018

  29. Your game is so smooooth

  30. I have a Samsung A8

  31. What if your using mobile data?

  32. I did everything & it worked. But when I play Fireteam. It lags alot.

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