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Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Tips & Tricks

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This is the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 tips & tricks, they will also work on Galaxy S10.

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Tips & Tricks

  1. Here's some tips & tricks for Galaxy A8 2018

  2. The quick camera tip was real nice my dude ????

  3. I can't find my multi window

  4. You sound like black phanter

  5. Is there slow motion?

  6. Wow u got lots of views

  7. What your name?

  8. Dude, do you really need to repeat it thrice a time?? I get it!

  9. Smart Capture is the best one

  10. Isn't this S8? My A8 is so different
    Edit: My A8 has an other front camera too

  11. That slang ! ????????????

  12. Thanks you helped me a lot

  13. Watching on my BRAND NEW A8!

  14. So annoying how samsung didn't add bixby voice and add just the bixby home and bixby vision ????????????????????

  15. Thank you for sharing! Very useful info. ????

  16. Really helped me a lot with your tips & tricks thanks so much A+

  17. A8 somehow looks better than a7.

  18. F#%% if you don't speak English then don't make video in English, you motherf$%$ you are so annoy

  19. I think I know who this guy is in real life, but I could be wrong.
    I recognize his accent – you work at a Virgin Mobile Kiosk in Seattle right?

  20. Came to see tips and now I want twix

  21. Hello.How can i use dual audio? I don t have that option in bluetooth menu when i conect 2 devices in the same time.I don t know how i could listen on two speakers systems in the same time

  22. is the boom shakalaka BIGBANG reference? hahaha

  23. Are u speaking english?

  24. Where is slow motion function in that phone Samsung a8

  25. Hi, can you please help me how to put a photo in contacts of this device?

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