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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks | Best features explored

Samsung’s massive new Galaxy Note 9 is packed with nifty features, both old and new, and a fresh S-Pen with Bluetooth support – and this tips and tricks guide shows you how to get the most from your Note 9 smartphone.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note upgrades the S-Pen stylus with wireless support, so you can control the camera and apps remotely. However, most of the Note 9’s new features have already been seen on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, so this tips and tricks guide runs through a lot of…

38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks | Best features explored

  1. Are you tempted by Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9, or have you already pre-ordered yours? Let us know your thoughts, and any tips and tricks for the Note 9 that you want to share!

  2. I have note 9, and it doesn't have multi windows option in settings

  3. new OS update (Pie) ruined the recent apps menu and many more. going to spit screen mode is unnecessarily harder now. I hate the new navigation gesture. i would love to degrade back to OS oreo version. if anyone know how i can do that without messing up or losing my data or settings please help me.

  4. Wee bit shananigans

  5. Wow…you talk to fast….

  6. If someone dont want you to take a picture of them you can switch it around really fast then have a picture of that person

  7. Watching on my note 9 hha

  8. This makes it a lot easier to steal memes

  9. Me and my girlfriend bought this phone. Got a free TV

  10. I sold both kidneys and my heart for a Midnight Black 512gb Note 9.

  11. Just got it NoteS9 !!! Awesome Phone !!!! love it !!! after 14 years of apple and im in love with Samsung

  12. My recent app setting Is missing

  13. You can use the camera feature for the S-Pen to take selfies in big groups!

  14. ???????????? "just sold a kidney". people are running out of organs to sell

  15. This is amazing i want to learn more

  16. Can you please tell how did you get the white bar below the recent apps, home, back buttons? It looks like the edge panel handle. What does it do? It is at 4:27 in the video.

  17. Not tryna be rude or pathetic but..

    The way he colored on the drawing at 1:21 gave me anxiety

  18. I'll this video sucks to fast

  19. Bottom orifice? 😀

  20. Pliz help how do u set ur homescreen apps to be a c shape

  21. Spen for photographers to take photo while in it.

  22. Nope waiting for note 10!

  23. For presentation

  24. My Friends are all talking better fotos with their iphone 8 plus we all took a picture of a friend playing his guitar and they picture looked more colorful mine looked douler and he looked pale

  25. Use the photos and pen for slide show

  26. Sadly, the icons on the Note 9 can't be alphabetized.

  27. Great video! !!????❤

  28. Just got mine yesterday ????????

  29. Note 9 Tips & Tricks | Best features exploded

  30. I sold my left lady nut to get the 128G lavender

  31. you talk way fast. omg. are you ok?

  32. New sub for the tech and that accent ????. Where in the northeast are you from?

  33. The Note 9 is totally worth it, I am using it right now for more than a week. It's pretty awesome, no lags, perfect camera. <3 I am in love with display.

  34. Watching with my note 9

  35. how do you change the text message background

  36. Ivan are you from asheville nc area

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