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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Tips and Tricks

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With our Tips and Tricks you learn a couple of nice Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, a new
10 inch android tablet with Marshmallow for a pretty good price. We show you a couple of TouchWiz specials including handwriting recognition and the multitasking multiwindow feature.

26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Tips and Tricks

  1. Could you please show me where to go in on this tablet to write on the tablet. I have this tab but have no idea how to get in there.

  2. I have this tablet????to

  3. Hi they made an updatr i can no longer do this. How do i get the previous version back

  4. Just bought this tab about a year ago its fine, no trouble at all always buy Samsung for there the Toyota pick up of the computer world if you no what I mean


  6. I have this tablet and I'm having trouble making the SD card primary storage. Haven't found a way to do that and I was wondering if anyone else has?

  7. Give me one tablet

  8. Great tips, I am charging my tab a 10.1 so watching on my older tab 8 (which has 3 gig of ram which is a bit strange) its not a bad tablet the 10.1, would have been better with more ram.

  9. Does it have outdoor display in display settings?

  10. how do you stop the screen going off every 30mins?

  11. i've updated the software and now i cant find the smart manager and cant open the data speed notification . can you help me?????????

  12. I am watching on this Samsung Tablet

  13. hhow to removw private mode lock

  14. How to do screenshot lo

  15. I have a Samsung galaxy tablet

  16. Hi my name is Young Sun Kim and i love my Galaxy tab A very much, I wrote this comment by my S pen and my own hand writing! I
    really like to write too! Thank you my next tablet for Showing me this awesome feature ✓

  17. I have LG g pad but I might be getting this for my bday

  18. can I load Windows 10 on this, please? Thank you

  19. how to change the grid size galaxy tab A6 10.1 **???

  20. Dual audio for blue tooth not supported???

  21. What are the setting in thi tab

  22. How to hide apps ????

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