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School Life Hacks // Apps & Websites That Saved Me

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In this video I give you all my advice on the helpful apps and websites that make your life during the school year that much better. Download/access them here:

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38 Comments on School Life Hacks // Apps & Websites That Saved Me

  1. Was it just me or did anyone else get the ad for flipagram n had malulus dumbass in it?

  2. Wish I know you when I was in college

  3. I know that this video has been uploaded a long time but does it also work for IPhones or just phone? I have a phone and started downloading it but I'm clueless and doesn't know how to use it.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BIGWORDS. I've been using it and it saves SO much money.

  5. I used Self Control all throughout high school. It's a God-send for chronic procrastinators like me!

  6. Katherine you're just awesome!!!!

  7. This is so helpful!!

  8. Going to USC (SCA) starting fall 2016!! Your videos are getting me so pumped!!

  9. THANK YOU KATHERINE YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!! This was so helpful!!!

  10. Had to rewatch this video since now I have a Macbook and can get these apps you talk about! Great job!

  11. Does anyone know an app that will find other prices for a certain type of item you want? Not one like shoptagr where they keep track a single item u choose..

  12. Where do I get cheap books from?

  13. Honestly u r useful and fun to watch more than many you tubers who does the same thing, but ur special I really hope that u get more support and subs u deserve it

  14. moore thank u so much u r pretty,sweet and helpfull
    it is 1 k likes .

  15. awesome video! subbed!

  16. extremely helpful video! Thanks katherine!

  17. I download all these apps! They are so helpful! Btw any advice on how to survive senior year of high school? What are some things that really helped you to succeed? Thanks

  18. the flux link you gave in the description box is incorrect. This is the right one

  19. I just started watching your videos before I'm starting college soon(next week !) and you're awesome I love your videos and this video is so so extremely helpful! Thanks!

  20. You remind me so much of Essie Button!

  21. Just binge watched ALL your college vids omg loved them

  22. Evernote is hands down the best note taking software!!! It saves all of your notes in a cloud so you can access your notes from any computer, but its also downloadable so you can use it when you don't have wifi! And its free to download 🙂

  23. great video! If anyone is going to be a freshman in college, I just made a video about advice for the first week! I really hope I help some of you!

  24. PLEASE let your eyebrows grow.

  25. I LOVED this video! I will definitely be using all of these apps. I'm a transfer student who is moving into the dorms at a university for the first time and I would love some college tips for upperclassmen. There are tons of videos for freshman, but I want to know what college is like for upperclassman and if there are any dos or don'ts. I always appreciate your videos Katherine and I am constantly recommending you to my friends!


  26. SOOOO I'm going to be a freshman at USC in a week! Literally your videos have guided me along this entire summer and we should get chipotle or something?

  27. this was so helpful thank you!! I would find it super helpful if you did a video with what extracurriculars and classes you took in high school?

  28. Hey, I love your videos! I just wanted to share this article I saw about Urban Outfitters.

    It makes me sad because I also love all of their clothes, but anyway, thought I'd pass it along, feel free to continue shopping there haha, not trying to preach at ya just in case you hadn't heard anything about all of that jazz.

  29. You are such a lifesaver! I absolutely love watching your videos because you give such amazing advice about college, tips that will truly help me and just make videos that actually answer my questions! Thank you! ☺️????

  30. You should do another dorm or apartment move in day tour.

  31. Hey, ill be starting college & didnt want to get a tv when i have my laptop. So do u guys have any specfic sites manily for like shows on E! Bravo Lifetime MTV ?

  32. you got 1,000 likes!

  33. Yaaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! katherine's back to school videos!!!!!!!!!

  34. Another good place to buy books is I used it last year to get a chemistry text book for a concurrent class I was taking my senior year. You type in the name or ISBN number of your book and what school you go to and it will compare prices if the book from your schools book store, amazon, chegg and other places so you can see what would be the cheapest. I got a $200 book for $50. I plan on using it again this year when I start university.

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