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Send Email Without Account

Here I will show you how to send email without Account using Telnet Hack. SMTP server listens on port 25. It’s complete anonymous email sending program for all who don’t have email clients like Outlook. You can also check if SMTP server is up and running or not.
(There might can be a time where you don’t have email client or any sosftware tool to test status of SMTP server and this trick will help you)
Follow The complete code at…

8 Comments on Send Email Without Account

  1. how to use except ?????

  2. hello it's awesome

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  5. The host connection is always disconnecting. How do i fix this?

  6. BTW is it possible to specify in "RCPT TO" field more than one email address?

  7. this is how they send spam. Sending you from your own email address any content they want.

  8. what if someone were to respond to youre email? how would you view the response

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