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Series 2 – Java tutorial 1 Setting up JRE & JDK for windows 7 (2011)

This tutorial focuses on the new windows 7 operating system. You will learn how to download and install JDK & JRE and test the applications successful installation. Which includes setting system varibles for the javac application


28 Comments on Series 2 – Java tutorial 1 Setting up JRE & JDK for windows 7 (2011)

  1. Thanks a ton 🙂

  2. BLOODY YANK! nope I do not I'm a lawyer now.

  3. so i just download java jdk or jre n tinyumbrella will work?

  4. i like the video
    its working thank u..

  5. Worked. Took a while and I'm also using a Java: How to for Dummies book. lol

  6. i'm absolutely clueless to why this isnt working for my vista 32bit operating system. it still gives me an error when i type javac -help in the command prompt
    i've done everything you said to do in this tutorial and watched it multiple times to check

  7. Thanks! got it working now to learn how to use it.

  8. 8:21 what did you type java_????

  9. @turbanatorpilot it's only because i have word wrap on just focus on splitting it with a ";" at the end of w.e you have if you have 1 line drag the scroll bar along the bottom all the way to the right hand side then add ";" if needed then put the jdk bin directory in 🙂

  10. @Mjdel23 you did it wrong go back and follow it again pay attention to every little char like the ";" if you don't have those in correctly then it will go wrong

  11. @turbanatorpilot because i have word wrap on it makes it so it doesn't just 1 line

  12. @Bluesamus1 If you are struggling watch the first series of videos, to open notepad find it in the search bar for windows or pres "flag button (windows key)" + R and it will show run console type "notepad" and your away 🙂

  13. how you open notepad and get that stuff in it i have no idea what to do plz help

  14. i got 64 bit but it says get 32 bit when im useing a java program eg minecraft

  15. @turbanatorpilot text wrapping

  16. @turbanatorpilot It's because I had text wrapping on

  17. @turbanatorpilot you obv cant spell either

  18. ive done everything you said, but when i try to execute javac -help, it still gives me a "not reconginzed" response, help please?

  19. open up what 9:14

  20. didnt work 🙁 the path only said this : C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0bin

    please help me iv seen a thousand tutorials and non of them work pleasseee help me

  21. thanks man lol i spent hours trying to figure out if i had to register but your vid actualy helped thanks subed.


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