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Set Up OneDrive on Windows 10 to Sync Files Across All of Your Devices [How-To]

How to Set Up the Built-in OneDrive Features in Windows 10
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to set up the built-in version of OneDrive on Windows 10 so that you can sync files and system settings across all of your devices. To learn more about what you can do with OneDrive on Windows 10, be sure to check out my full tutorial…

22 Comments on Set Up OneDrive on Windows 10 to Sync Files Across All of Your Devices [How-To]

  1. Is anything about onedrive significantly different in 2019?

  2. We don't want to have to "Drag and Drop" files back and forth from my PC to the OneDrive. How do we make it so the PC files and the OneDrive are all Synced?

  3. fuck you Microsoft and fuck android and fuck google ….garbage …fucking garbage …back to apple

  4. Like your Video Thank you. I need your help with one thing. If i delete a file on my PC, will it also delete from the onedrive account? all i want to do is only have some file on my pc that i may need on my pc. But as the ONedrive has now downloaded everything, its used up all the storage i had. just want to make sure i will not loose all my files on onedrive account after deleting from my pc. Thank in advance.

  5. ok i have 2 i pad tablets and i apple i phone and a pc desk top can i sync all if them if i use excell and word on my apple deivces they are 9.3 last update on tablets can this be done

  6. that's not syncing – the smartphone side wasn't covered. how do I have OneDrive maintain a folder on the phone synced with OneDrive without buying a premium account?!

  7. When are you going to help me and T-MOBILE, Help me please me Amen.

  8. Good information, but please speak a little more slowly!

  9. I am praying my cell would work fight for my life Amen…..

  10. every single time i open onedrive it tells me to reinstall it to get the latest version of it. therefore i can't start onedrive… thanks microsoft! you done fricked up me! ya had to make me uninstall onedrive (which i couldn't do because it wasn't in control panel) and now im absolutely confused… -_-

  11. thx for your video

  12. is that vancouver in the background?!

  13. can't find the menu at 0:00. i had it up once but didn't know what it was so i didn't sync anything. now i fear its gone forever.

  14. Brilliant explanation thanks

  15. great linked too website! It answered all of my questions, thanks.

  16. (Please Help me with this)

    I want to have a cloud backup and a local computer backup. Is there a way to make all these files synchronize together?? So like if i edit a word document or something on another computer and upload it to my one drive it would auto update the local file on my pc as well.

  17. great tutorial! But when i try to log in to my microsoft account im not able to put password or email in it. I tried to change compatibility to windows 8, 7 etc.. (Im using win. 10)

  18. This was EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you!

  19. MS did well with windows 10 but fucked it up big time with onedrive.  Now i have to log online to the files cause i don't have enough space.  The placeholder method in w8.1 was very useful.

  20. Actually Windows 10 totally broke by OneDrive user and access from several devices. Once upgraded to Windows 10:
    1. I could not open OneDrive files using file manager on any other computer except the one I originally synced it from. 
    2. I could not open the files on OneDrive from the Web tool either.
    3. I could only open the Document files (synced) to OneDrive on my computer in ReadOnly.
    4. I had to copy everything to a new c:usersmynamedocuments2 folder to be able to open and save and file that had been synced.
    This is total disaster in my book.
    Window 10 is fine but if you used and depeneded on OneDrive with Window 8.1 you are going to be hosed in Windows 10.

  21. Does it works for my iPhone?

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