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Setting Up a Wireless Connection: Windows 7

This short tutorial explains how students can connect to the UCF wireless networks on Windows 7. Connecting to our wireless is slightly different for every device, subscribe to be notified as more videos become available.

40 Comments on Setting Up a Wireless Connection: Windows 7

  1. my windown say : manage wireless network not currtly enable

  2. Thank you, my computer and router security were set to different strengths so wrong key and lock, this helped me find the option on the computer so I could switch it to the right level.

  3. Your Windows download link

  4. mine says "WIRELESS IS NOT CURRENTLY ENABLE" ???????????

  5. its showing no connection avalable

  6. i dont have wireless option iven i had before got clean install

  7. When I came to manually connect to a wireless network it shows diagnose and check for solutions

  8. I dont have manually

  9. mere laptop me wifi counted nahi hota h

  10. I don't have manage option help

  11. I click manually create a network profile and it says the window wireless service is not running

  12. In my manage wireless networks page , >>> Managr wireless networks
    Under it
    Wireless is not currently enabled.

  13. not work i try what i write here ..connetions to these servers…i have no option ..geotrust global ca

  14. There is no manage wireless networks option in my control panel

  15. this computer no have manage wireless

  16. i have a wireless usb adapters but is not showing in my pc please tell me how to do


  18. you ruined my computer because of your fucking vedio

  19. How did you "manually create a network profile" HOW THIS IS A DAMN TUTORIAL RIGHT YOU SICK FUCK

  20. not working disslike

  21. help me i cant find manage wireless ????????

  22. I don't have 'Manage wireless option' how do I connect then? please help

  23. I don't have a manage wireless networks button!!!!

  24. wow such cringe very dank windows doge

  25. hey help me there is no option for …. manage wireless conection

  26. it says the windows wireless service is not running

  27. the video is like cancer

  28. does it work on windows 8?

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