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20 Comments on Setup Snort IDS on Windows 7

  1. Snort Config file and other applications

  2. how to run it in the background?

  3. does snort needs internet connection or it relies only on those downloaded rules via browser?

  4. this is my final year project 🙂 integrate with BASE so this beast can shine like a diamond!

  5. where do you get the installation file? I can't seem to find it.

  6. Thanks this video really helpfully for me  …

  7. Use Zentyal !

  8. I keep getting the an error telling me there's no such directory when I do the command "snort -A…ascii -T"
    can you please tell me what's wrong?

  9. I get stuck at "Commencing packet processing (pid=1852)" or whatever process id snort aligns with at the time. After which, the program just hangs there.. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

  10. do you know how to log all the traffic?
    I have problem only in logging.

  11. It was really good video…helped me a lot..
    do you know how to log all the traffic?
    I have problem only in logging.

  12. Very handy that it's so easy, straight forward and cmptr illiterate friendly to install Snort. Doesn't look like i'll be using Snort even though it was recommended to me. Does any one know of a peerblocker for windows without having to remember how to go through all this rigmarole please? Thanks for any help forthcoming.

  13. You are the one acting like a kid here.

  14. Please speak normal and not like a kidd omg

  15. Initializing Output Plugins!
    pcap DAQ configured to passive.
    The DAQ version does not support reload.
    Could you please tell me fix for this?


  16. michacl s does any one have free rules out there??


  18. hey mate can you please send me your confg and the rules files please??

    im getting some sort of error

  19. Hello

    I have windows 7 running snort, after fixing the conf file as you directed, I still get this error: " Invalid Parameter: preprocessor" …Please guide me what can the problem be!


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