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Short Circuit Hacking a Laptop (Password Reset) Boot Pass Removal

*** UPDATE Jan 2017 *** WOW over 50,000 views! If you thought we didn’t try EVER POSSIBLE WAY before we did this method then you’re crazy! Read the comments! The real techs KNOW! 😉

Forgot our password and taking the battery out of the motherboard doesn’t work. Short-circuit hack, deploy!

20 Comments on Short Circuit Hacking a Laptop (Password Reset) Boot Pass Removal

  1. We can't see a damn thing. His hands are in the way. What pins did he short?

  2. Would this hack also reset the bios back to its default settings? That's what I need.

  3. vai toma no seu cu viado filho da puta….

  4. The fact is that if you explain anything with a smile and some jokes, people think you are making fun. This method works perfectly with many dells. Only that after that you can use some software to make the machine able to receive new passwords. but in my case I must not need any password. In the dell I tried this. You have no more possibility of placing any password agin but the system is fully functional. It must not happen in some other dell machines. I usually use a programmer to read the password on Lenovo or dell but that takes longer than just jumping or short circuiting the legs of the Eeprom to reset. If you have those chips datas you'll see also how to Brute force reste it by shutting some of the legs. My idea is if you find any advice stupid, you should know that it is only your own personal opinion and not general. insulting people you do not know is not doing yourself any good.

  5. Super Glare Supreme, my new rap name

  6. holy fuck, seriously, i was comfortable having setup a bios password and you can even get around that… that easily?? wtf…

  7. What model potato did you film this with?

  8. You dont say on what pins do the shortcircuit, no model of the laptop nothing, even cant get a HD video or focus video.. that tutorial is a crap! like my english 😛

  9. Just today shorted out the cmos teminals (poor CR2032 cell removed first) on a dead 2012 Compaq CQ58. Sprang right back into life with a new cell fitted. Had to then alter the 'legacy' bios setting to get the hard-drive to be seen, then put linux on it from a cd as there was no o/s whichever way i tried. Works like a new one now, was just about to throw it out! 🙂

  10. Anyone who thinks we took this apart and just could have removed the battery is completely misunderstanding the situation. The people who understand are the true bosses.

  11. DELL corp is the only PC laptop fabricant who got an Universal CD that fits on each and every DELL laptop, to unlock BIOS POP, SVP, user password, edit the SERVICE TAG, asset express tag.and so on. If you give your mail, I'll send you a disk iso image that you'll be able to burn and reboot with this CD, instead of unmount the whole Laptop..

  12. Seeing so many idiotic comments here. You can't just remove the battery dumbtards. You can't just reinstall Windows dumbtards. You can't just load Hiren's or whatever hacking CD dumbtards. Battery has nothing to do with password on many modern laptops, Dell especially. The short method is the only method. And if optical media is disabled in the BIOS or you are in a locked out state, you can't boot to disc.

  13. dell and HP laptops have a "Stringent Security" mode in bios that when enabled, stores the password on non-volotile memory, removing CMOS battery and even using the CMOS_CLR jumper in these instances doesnt work.

  14. did you jump the CMOS_CLR tabs, or jump pins on the chip itself? – and if you did jump pins, which two?

  15. Wow! I bet these guys never thought of that. They probably didn't even try a couple dozen other methods before even attempting the most difficult and least suggested method of doing that puter thing they just did. Oh! Thats a laptop? well, I don't know bout them. Do they got some new fangled scurity or sumfin?

  16. UV radiation being sunlight

    also @STRIKEcorperation that wont work because the bios isn't EPROM lol

  17. can anyone tell me that how will we findout that the fault is in this IC?

  18. Hi,

    Do you know what chip it is?

  19. dude you are retarted just use killcmos it works on every comp and will kill the bios pass cuz it rewrights the chip firmware hence no password anymore. im a certified iIT Tech.

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