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Show Wireless Network Password for all Networks With CMD | Windows

Reveal the key for all wireless networks you’ve ever connected to.

Here is the command to type into CMD:
netsh wlan show profile name=”MyNetworkName” key=clear

Be sure to replace MyNetworkName with your network!

40 Comments on Show Wireless Network Password for all Networks With CMD | Windows

  1. What if the network your trying to find has a username and password wpa2 format

  2. help im trying to connect but its displaying this message below instead of showing the profile "
    show profiles name="profile 1" interface="Wireless Network Connection"
    show profiles name="profile 2"
    show profiles name="profile 3" key=clear
    show profiles"

  3. Pliz show how to get passwords for networks u never connected to.

  4. What about the wired ones? What if not wireles. It says theres no wireless etc active

  5. Stupid tutorial-only shows previously connected devices-didnt the idiot uploader consider this or even test this ?

  6. It is not connecting to WiFi networks telling profile I'd not found in system

  7. key content under cypher is not showing up.

  8. only works if you connected to that wifi before ….. or currently connected

  9. Hey bro plzz can u let me know about the watsap hacking or any book related to hacking pls

  10. Thank you. My pops was keeping the passcode from me

  11. it only shows those profiles through you can connect your own computer or laptop even it will not show any other password who will be appearing in wifi signales
    so it is not working as want
    it only show my those wifi password through i can contect and disconnect if i will press the forget password so it will never show that password LOLZ

  12. When i try to find a passowrd from neighbour it cant found wifi

  13. is it possible to get wifi clear= key from networks u haven't been connected to Before
    for example:
    netsh wlan show networks
    then get the security key from networks?

  14. how to connect wifi using the cmd : netsh wlan show networks ? to get the password

  15. Hi,
    Tutorial is very good.but it is not working.
    How see passwords of other networks?
    netsh wlan show networks
    when I type it says there is no profiles associated to specified interface.
    How to see passwords of other wifi networks.

  16. when i wrote netsh wlan show network profiles it responds the following command was not found

  17. Ya good it shown to me description good below shown clear

  18. how to create new profile?

  19. Is there a way to do this whitout beeing logged in? In safe mode? I tryed but get "wlancfg.dll cant be loaded"?

  20. Hey sir when i use this command the output is the wireless autoconfig service <wlansvc> is not running

  21. showing the network password not in the profile,, what the hick

  22. hey how to know the password of a network we have never connected to

  23. +Nerd's best advice, I was able to see the key content for my old profile, but my current profile only gives me the security key status, no key content. suggestion for solution?

  24. didnt work for me coz it says something like this: wlan (configsvc) stop running
    any other way ?? what should i do now ?? pc is connected …

  25. how to get password of a wi-fi that doesn't show to my wlan profiles ?

  26. it said that there is not such wireless interface on the system

  27. I did a trial in this. using my cellphone's hotspot.. i connected it first before i use the cmd to see my password.. well it works. but when i change the password in my cellphone and checked the password in cmd nothing changed.. hahaha even if i try to use (netsh wlan connect "Name of Wifi") it doesnt connect anymore. cmd can't see updated passwords.

  28. When I tried to connect my neighbors WiFi, then I got message that it is not interface in your system

  29. Interface problem when try to connect WiFi of my neighbors, any suggestions on this

  30. how do i get password of networks am not connected too,not of my earlie connections?

  31. Only my network Visited. How to other wifi name visit ?

  32. …it doesn't work.

  33. Hey Nerd – do you know the way to key=clear the password on Windows Vista? It keeps telling me no such command as "key". I've searched for it everywhere, seems like it only works starting from Win 7. Any help would be much appreciated.

  34. i tried it only worked for the network i was connected and of course i know it's password
    so then i tried it on a network who's key i don't know and it didn't work!
    so it is clear that it will only work for the networks you are already connected but you just leave them disconnect,and try to connect them through this command netsh wlan connect name=bla bla

  35. is there a way to show passwords you never connected too?

  36. i put netsh wlan show profile and nothing shown

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