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20 Comments on Simple Password Hacker Using Notepad

  1. This really FAKE!! I had tried all hacking tools from youtube and only
    Facebook Password Sniper worked for me. You can search for it on one of
    the engines like google…

  2. how do you use this password hacker

  3. what i have to type in the password to done plz answer

  4. Não deixe esse cara para fazer tolos fora de você, este é claramente um embuste. A primeira e única ferramenta que trabalhou para mim é Facebook Password Sniper! Bing-lo! :)

  5. if i've done now how to enter username why it's closing how please help me tnx

  6. It works, amazing!

  7. family guy in the background lol

  8. it was osammmmmmmm

  9. Okay Everybody Here Advertising Go Fuck Yourself I Don't Give A Fuck About Facebook Password Fucker Go Eat Shit Advertisers. And Also The .bat File He Is Making Is A Load Of Bullshit It Really Pisses Me Of That 10 Year Olds Make Videos Where They Cant Even Commentate

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