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Sony Xperia X Performance 7 Tips & Tricks

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This video will show you some Tips and Tricks about Sony Xperia X Performance. In this video, I will show you how to save/improve the battery life of sony xperia x performance, how to make a screenshot, how to share your network with others.

More technical video and repair guides about Sony Xperia X Performance are coming soon.

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6 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance 7 Tips & Tricks

  1. Can you screenrecord with it. I have one

  2. Saya bikin video pakai xperformance jg kakak. Silahkan kalo mau liat video hasil sonyxperformance keren. ada dichannel varo disu ya kakak
    Teeimakasih kakak

  3. Please disassemble xperia xa

  4. lol they work on like 50$ chineese phones too

  5. Man plsss I want xa ultra back cover sticker.

  6. are u kidding me most of these options are on my z3 dual

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