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Speed up ANY Computer/Laptop by 200% – Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP (HD)

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Techniques passed down from lots…

21 Comments on Speed up ANY Computer/Laptop by 200% – Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP (HD)

  1. As an IT tech professional, don't you think you should delete your browser history BEFORE recording? And I noticed you already have some malicious apps that you totally skipped deleting, same with the temp data files. Keeping those are definitely not important actually. It just clutters your memory.
    So I dont really believe you're a professional in the tech world lol. Sorry but nothing here has shown me otherwise, seems like I could've just googled most of this stuff myself

  2. Is avast an ok anti virus

  3. Who still uses XP…

  4. Saw all of this on another youtube channel and it did nothing.

  5. Are you a headbanger? I see that EXCISION TAB OPEN XD

  6. Great content, production, and brevity! Keep it up!

  7. kaya window 7 ko bolkar jala sakte hai

  8. I have norton and bytefence on my computer and i want it off and can't figure out how

  9. Check out my video about speedling up your pc here:

  10. Does his work for Windows 2000?

  11. I don't f**k with desktop icons so usually I have a tiny boost in performance.

  12. I don't know why my PC still low running,lagging and more please help me to speed up my PC I don't have any idea to do this

  13. Should I disable avg antivirus


    How to Speed Up Your Computer Under in 5 minutes!

    From: thenewboston

  15. Delete your OS it will work much better

  16. Why you download from cnet
    download from the official site

  17. Lol i already have Malware Bytes

  18. What do you mean get rid of the spy bot once you have it? How do you do this? Also I had so much malware on my computer. Can I get rid of this?

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