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21 Comments on SQL Tutorial 1: Installing and Setting up PostgreSQL

  1. Thank you TheBinaries for taking your valuable time to let us know how to install PostGreSQL Database.

  2. anymore videos from such a well named channel as "TheBinaries"? I liked the casual dialogue throughout the video, actually helped me get some grasp on why anyone would use a noSQL RDMS (I'm clearly just attempting to get my finger somewhere near the pulse).

    Thank you

  3. I use a statistical tracking software that allows user to create their
    own custom statisics as we see fit but there are some type of statistics
    that its columns arent cacheable so their performances are really bad
    so i would like to know is there´s a way to add these columns to the
    cache to improve their performance? Thanks¡!¡

  4. why does %100 of postreSQL users use mac?

  5. 5:48 with subtitles/CC on LOL!

  6. the downloadable file contains a virus.. named GETLOC.exe

  7. Thanks for the vedio. Can you tell me what i have to do. I get error. Fail to load SQL modules into the database cluster.

  8. Very useful. I would love to see you guys do a tutorial for this same process on Linux Ubuntu

  9. Thank you for the help, great video 

  10. I get the error when I try to connect. How do I solve it ?

    Server doesn't listen
    The server doesn't accept connections: the connection library reports
    could not connect to server: Connection refused (0x0000274D/10061) Is the server running on host "localhost" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432? could not connect to server: Connection refused (0x0000274D/10061) Is the server running on host "localhost" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
    If you encounter this message, please check if the server you're trying to contact is actually running PostgreSQL on the given port. Test if you have network connectivity from your client to the server host using ping or equivalent tools. Is your network / VPN / SSH tunnel / firewall configured correctly?
    For security reasons, PostgreSQL does not listen on all available IP addresses on the server machine initially. In order to access the server over the network, you need to enable listening on the address first.
    For PostgreSQL servers starting with version 8.0, this is controlled using the "listen_addresses" parameter in the postgresql.conf file. Here, you can enter a list of IP addresses the server should listen on, or simply use '*' to listen on all available IP addresses. For earlier servers (Version 7.3 or 7.4), you'll need to set the "tcpip_socket" parameter to 'true'.
    You can use the postgresql.conf editor that is built into pgAdmin III to edit the postgresql.conf configuration file. After changing this file, you need to restart the server process to make the setting effective.
    If you double-checked your configuration but still get this error message, it's still unlikely that you encounter a fatal PostgreSQL misbehaviour. You probably have some low level network connectivity problems (e.g. firewall configuration). Please check this thoroughly before reporting a bug to the PostgreSQL community.

  11. to connect to postgres from VBS check out this link:

    'Create Connection
    Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    strCnx = "Driver={PostgreSQL UNICODE};Server=localhost;Port=5432;Database=dbname;uid=userid;pwd=password;"
    conn.Open strCnx
    'Query the Database
    Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
    rs.Open "Select * From TABLE WHERE Something='value'", conn

  12. Hello,

    Could you please explain how would I write a connection string to a POSTGRES DB?
    For example, if I would lke to run a query through a VBS FILE on Windows, how would I write the connection string??


  13. Thanks for the video. I would suggest adding 'on Windows' to the end of the title, since postgresql is popular on linux, and before viewing the video I though it would be for postgresql installation on linux.

  14. still waiting for postgis tutorials you mentioned

  15. $ createdb Doesn't work, but Create Database does.
    What is going on please? btw, im a beginner, but i need to learn some basics within 2-3 months

  16. I'm attending a seminar about postgres and since i know nothing about it, I find your videos very useful for beginners. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos, I intend to watch them all!

  17. thank you so much for making these videos !!

  18. Thanks for the video. Did anyone notice he used Bing inside of Google Chrome on a Mac?

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