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34 Comments on start cmd.exe before login win7 (reset user password)

  1. How i can Start up my pc wen i open my cmd? Wen i in the Start up menu?

  2. It works… thanks

  3. how do you access command promt i cant help!!!

  4. hey hii .. i see ur videos very much. actually ri8 nw im dealing with some problem. that is my laptop's boot partition has been changed. so wenever i boot my pc it pops up as BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. so nw i cannot access my pc. so can u plz suggest me with some suitable solution. my laptop is hp elitebook 2560p notebook so it does not support disk drive. so can u plz tell me hw to cange my partition.. Plz reply ASAP….

  5. Where did you get that USB with WIN ISO or so please?

  6. How did u load the cmd struggling here man

  7. Thanks, man. It worked perfectly and saved my a**.

  8. Sam lake from remedy games speaking

  9. i need help… when i tried it out it returned "ACCESS DENIED" what could be the problem

  10. Man, I have just found your video and it helps me a lot. I use windows virtual machines w/ virtualbox and the procedure has worked perfectly.

    Thanks a lot! 😀

  11. My patents bricked my computer by transferring EVERYTHING to and external hard drive and I don't have an install what should do

  12. Any other ways of doing this without using Startup repair or boot menus? I've hacked my school using the startup repair so they've disabled it now (and even if it wasn't blocked it would be no use to me because I'm finding loopholes in the system and I already found that loophole) and they've blocked the boot options (with a password to open the boot options and another to boot from any drive). If you know how to bypass the boot options passwords or know of an entirely different way altogether, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 😉

  13. >> Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working <<

  14. if I had a disk or usb or could get in, I wouldn't be here

  15. Hi. I'd like to know how to reverse the entire process. I don't want that everyone that clicks on that button has access to my computer.

  16. This worked perfectly… in my case the local administrator account was disabled and to activate the acct at cmd prompt I typed: 
    d:net user administrator active:yes 
    In my case, my local drive is "d:", your computer might change to "c:" or another letter. Make sure to change it accordingly
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this video.. helped tremendously!!!!

  17. when i do this it does not do anything it just does my mouse spin but nothing appear, what do i do

  18. I wanted to take a moment to SAY THANK YOU!!!   YOU ARE THE MAN !! LOL    I followed your instructions to the letter…adjusting for my exact drive letters where needed but your video IS FANTASTIC.  With your help I was able to download the ISO file….extract it to my USB thumb drive and then do everything you said would be possible.  There is absolutely NO WAY I would have been able to do this on my own without your help.   Cars/Motorcycles/Engines I am a Master of…Computers?  Not so much!  LOL  SO AGAIN…THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking your own personal time to tutor us idiots….THANK YOU MY FRIEND.

  19. hey and how about disabling CMD program on windows login after these procedure? make things normal again. To avoid resetting the admin password over and over again?

  20. thank you brother, it works for my purpose.

  21. help.. i can't even login

  22. tested it work fine, 

  23. So would it also work to run explorer.exe in command prompt and copy/rename the files using that? 

  24. wonderful wow it works

  25. thanks a lot dude 🙂

  26. Dude! you did it in a very complicated way,

    don't worry friends i'll tell you the easy way to do it just follow me –

    we can reset the password of windows 7 without any software and cd/dvd,

    first restart your computer then on desktop you'll see two options having
    "launch startup repair" and "sart windows normally" just click on the 1st option,

    after that system repair starts wait for a while it'll popup one window says to restore system select CANCLE let it complete the process then one again window popups says "startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically" DON'T WORRY

    just click on "rectangular downwards arrow mark of view problem details" you'll find it at left bottom on that window and then scroll down in that, click on that last location link show in blue color having .txt at the end then notepad opens HERE IS THE MAIN PROCESS just click on file> open> goto your that drive where you have installed your OS normally people installs it into the c: drive> windows> system32> rename utilman to utilman1 and then > create a copy of cmd adn then rename that copy as utilman, after that close all the windows and restart the computer,

    then you will see an option at LEFT BOTTOM if point on it'll show you the name "ease of access", just on it and then cmd (BOSS) will open just cd > windows > system32 > net user (after entering it shows admin name) > net user [enter that admin name][one space] *
     THAT'S IT! it will ask you for the new password- set it

    I COULD HAVE SHOWN THIS BY A VIDEO BUT THAT WILL NOT REMEMBER YOU WHILE YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT, So write it down on a paper or copy it into the notepad, print it and give a try (DON'T WORRY nothing gonna happen to your computer) if you want me to tell you about windows 8 then that is very very easy than windows 7.
    Thanks friends God bless you all!

  27. it works 100 pro, thanks so much 😉

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