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Start – Stop Services Microsoft’s IIS in Windows 7 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

How to start and stop Microsoft’s IIS ( Internet Information Services ) or more specifically Microsoft’s Web Deployment Agent Service in Windows 7. If you have installed Microsoft’s Visual Web Developer and now WAMP or XAMPP will not start you will need to stop the Web Deployment Agent Service in Windows to avoid a port 80 conflict. This Lucid Nerd tutorial will walk you through the steps to get your WAMP or XAMPP Server up and running again. If you have a “PID 4 System” using port 80…

17 Comments on Start – Stop Services Microsoft’s IIS in Windows 7 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

  1. thank you for this video
    but a have a probelm if i restart my pc
    "Web Deployment Agent Service " he start again

  2. Same here. But I disabled windows 7 user account controls and it work, in addition my computer speeded up like magic.

  3. Also
    You can type in the command line
    netstat -aon | findstr 0.0:80
    the last column in output is PID, you can see the process in Task Manager
    In some cases(!), the following services may be blocking port 80:
    Windows Remote Management
    Sql server reporting services(MSSQLSERVER)
    translated by Google Traslate

  4. Thanks AiDz0r it`s really helpful

  5. hey lucidnerd i have tried it the same way you have done here but m getting the same output could you help me and m using WampServer
    n when i start wamp it doesnt start n when i start from services wampserver it shows me error

  6. Problem detected!
    10:32:22 AM [mysql] Port 3306 in use by "c:wampbinmysqlmysql5.5.16binmysqld.exe wampmysqld"!
    10:32:22 AM [mysql] MySQL WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
    10:32:22 AM [mysql] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
    10:32:22 AM [mysql] or reconfigure MySQL and the Control Panel to listen on a different port

    plz help

  7. dude u never told us about internet information services one… :L

  8. Nothing works for me. not this, not anything. I have changed the apache port…FAIL!!! There is NOTHING running on port 80 and still it won't work. I have to have Wamp working and I'm just screwed. Win 7. WTHELL!!!!! I have tried every single fix I can find on the net and I'm still face palmed!!!!

  9. Thank you sooooooooooo much

  10. The only way i was able to do it was use a totally different PORT something is using port 80 and 8080. dont know what.

  11. I have to do this every time i restart my computer before i can get my wamp server to work. Any tips on how I can keep it off permanently?

  12. And didn't do anything that would use port 80?

  13. I've got this problem but i dont have the "Web Deployment Agent Service"

  14. thank you, so much

  15. Thanks for this. Finally got Apache back up and running

  16. thanks thanks thanks xampp doing Apache problem i never figure out what the cause thanks thanks alot….. i am from Pakistan

  17. or instead of going to control panel , you just
    – press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC
    -clik on Services tab & click on "sevices…" at the bottom

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