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Surviving Under Pressure & Win More Games | In-Depth Guide Tips & Tricks | Fortnite Battle Royale

We will be talking about Surviving Under Pressure & Winning More Games! These tips and tricks will help you win more games and avoid mistakes! This will help you guys win more fights with these techniques / methods. These are methods, tactics & Tips & Tricks that can help you win more!

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39 Comments on Surviving Under Pressure & Win More Games | In-Depth Guide Tips & Tricks | Fortnite Battle Royale

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  2. Thank u so much for the tips! Keep it up!!!

  3. Helped again thx bro haha^^

  4. there’s not always a fourth plus those people didn’t have a 4th because it said u eliminated not knocked

  5. Bro whats ur sens its sooo high

  6. What controls do you use man do you have a video on it

  7. In retail the guy didn't realize his teammates were dead that "fourth player" didn't exist they were doing a 3 man squad with no fill

  8. You deserve more subs ur an amazing person I normally don’t sub but you deserve it

  9. the plungers automatically activate when the wall they are on is destroyed, the first blast breaks the wall causing the next two to instantly hit your enemy

  10. You sound like a voice actor for the Disney channel.

  11. Amazing videos, super well put together and packed to the gills with info. And not the common knowledge you tend to hear on most other channels, such as "get the high-ground" and "always build".

  12. Can I play fortnite with you blink? I have learnt a lot from tips and o really want to play with you!! Can I be your fortnite friend blink if you don't mind ? #lovefromindia

  13. You help me out a lot

  14. I love ur videos sm man i support u

  15. why the fuck he sound so much like ClapTrap lmao

  16. U should have 1M sub or more

  17. Clingers can damage players thru walls or stairs

  18. Nice vid, helped me a lot!

  19. Hey Blink love your content! I don’t know if it’s your style but it would be cool to see a keybinds guide in the future. Keep up the good work!

  20. Hey Blink. Can you please make a how to build (UP) video? Of course we know how to build a 1 by 1 but sometimes I try to mimic you building and I get lost. I think others would benefit from this as well. Thanks

  21. This is the most educational vid of fortnite

  22. wow can we play together my username is A-b-b-a-s

  23. Nice vid keep it up man

  24. Great Video, the best tip was with the window, keep up the good work. Thx bro

  25. I'm improving a lot with your tips thanks all your videos if usefull

  26. I watch a lot of tips/advice videos. Of all the content creators I find yours to be the most helpful…for that a like and sub

  27. Keep up the good work!

  28. Can you do a video on regaining high ground or if someone’s sitting on top of a monster base

  29. Hi I have been subscribe an I really like your videos

  30.'re soo under rated…you dhould grow fast

  31. You might not be the best player in fortnite, but you are defently the most helpful one. You have hust received a sub! Btw can you make a video on how to shoot with the sniper? Where to aim in the sight and where to aim

  32. What do you do if the enemy has a tower inside the zone and you're not inside the zone? How do you fight them when they are constantly shooting down your structures?

  33. It's a great gide it helped me to win my 100 game and more from their

  34. I dont know if any body has this problem but when you are in a build battle or in a shotgun duel,Does your Heart Race?

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