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The Fastest Way to Unlock Windows 7 Password

Free download “Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal”:
More details about this tool:
Be locked out of computer? What can we do when lost Windows login password? If you are using Windows 7, Vista or XP, good news for you is that this video shows you a fast way to help unlock Windows 7 password.

“Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal”, is an all-in-one Windows Password recovery tool which…

44 Comments on The Fastest Way to Unlock Windows 7 Password

  1. but how to download

  2. u r just fooling people. it does not work untill u have paid version of the software.

  3. this is without losting data????????

  4. Don't use this program! It's shit – he wants your MONEY

  5. Product Sucks!!! Free version boots just fine the paid version crashes the machine to shutdown on both media types. DON'T BUY Probably a freakin scam

  6. Hi guys! i got a problem : did everything like in the vid. changed the password but after i insert the new password , a windows screen pops up with :
    login session failed by the user profile service. unable to load user profile.

  7. it was just a waste of time

  8. how can i download anything on my laptop until i cannot open my laptop's password

  9. are all the files will not be delete
    after the reboot

  10. This is a sales video. And a sneaky one at that. It says all along its free and then on the last screen asks for payment. If you were up front you could've had my money. Now you can DO ONE!

  11. its not free

  12. you dumb af kill yourself

  13. This is the easy and quick method to reset windows password. >>>[ ]…….

  14. 9 c, but how can i download this soft ……….

  15. Why can't someone just explain how to turn on the computer and boot up to the desktop. That's all I need to know.

  16. Shoud I have to hold Delete or F10?

  17. Reset Windows Login Password Reset easily Less Than a Minute; XP, Vista, 7, 8 + 10

  18. is it able to unlock windows xp too?

  19. the name of the music is ,,,,,,,,,,the truth that you leave ,,,,,

  20. >100% Reset Any Windows Password.Less than a minute: XP+Vista+Win7+8+9+10-> > >

  21. This is BS and doesnt work unless you fork out money right away

  22. Oriant Sugar, what's the title of the soundtrack…brilliant

  23. amazing ,,,,your Background music …i like it

  24. I love you man… it works! thank you

  25. New Reset Windows password in a matter of few minutes with a password reset USB or CD is possible and everyone can do it
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  26. The comment section is cancerous, just like the video itself!

  27. Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working

  28. Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working

  29. Yeah great but you should tell us it's not free. Waste of a good disk.

    That said it can also be used to create a new user, and things regarding recovery can be done from there.

  30. Do You Use Windows? If So Then Watch Out… 100% reset windows admin password Check our page

  31. >Windows Password Reset in 3 Easy and Simple Steps In Less Than 5 minutes Dont Loose any data now.>

  32. This didn't help 4 shit

  33. i can even download and install without admin password

  34. Wht the name of the background music

  35. It can be FREE subscribed to my channel i will show you and definetely work believe me

  36. Video is for selling products, not for helping you. 

  37. amazing but it costs

  38. Awesome mate it made me pay £15 to buy software but it did work. Cheers!

  39. It works, but it's not free, you need the full version not the trial

  40. Awesome. Thanks a lot.

  41. nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! password 🙁

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