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The HowTo Tutorial – A guide to Dosbox (Installing, Configuring and creating shortcuts)

Ever since Windows Vista came out people have been having problems using there dos applications. because it just dint let them run the dos application in the normal full screen mode and the problem further extended when Windows 7 came out. The dos application seemed to have stopped to start as well. So today i decided to show you people how you can do run all you old dos application in Windows 7 Full Screen. Works on Windows 8 as well.

Things you will need
DosBox :…

20 Comments on The HowTo Tutorial – A guide to Dosbox (Installing, Configuring and creating shortcuts)

  1. please help me with the source path during the installation of turbo c++ 3.

  2. I tried running The original mechwarrior because im installing mechwarrior 2 it says Illeagal command BTECH.EXE
    Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

  3. Thank you so much now I can play doom 

  4. I have a very old Dos machine that could die at any time. I want to move my directories to a newer Windows machine and run Dosbox. One concern I have is I run a program that requires a printer. If I pull the parallel cord or shut it off, the program will not run and sits there with a prompt saying please plug in a printer. Can Dosbox handle this by default? I don't actually need anything to print, I just need the program to believe a printer is attached.

  5. Thanks a lot man!

  6. I can't install on the D drive; it may be because I have no CD slot on my laptop. Is this necessary to run dosbox?

  7. Is there a way to make your game full screen?

  8. Every time I try launching the exe it tells me it was unable to locate the CD and to make sure the CD is in the drive before starting, I'm trying to play Daggerfall, but I tried these same steps again with Eye of the Beholder and then it states it detects a mouse, so I type "y" and then the DOSBOX does nothing, it just sits. What am I doing wrong? I followed the tutorial on the DosBox website and then I followed this one exactly and these games still won't run.

  9. Hi. Im using DOS program on WinXP connected to a DOMAIN running Windows 2008 R2. There is no problem with DOSBox, I can mount and change the directory if I am login as Admin. But if not Admin, I can mount the drive but I can't change any directory assigned to a specific user. Please help..

  10. Thanks, now I'm able to play some Settlers II Gold :3

  11. Hey man. I have wanted to know this exact information for a very long time. Thank you so much. Dude you have the best narrators voice ever :)

  12. Ok, creating a shortcut to my games exe isn't working for me.  The first thing I noticed was when creating the short cut, your target path has quotes around the location of DOSBox.exe, mine didn't, and wouldn't allow me to put quotes around it.  I'm running Win7 64 bit.

    Fixed it. For whatever reason, I had to put quotes around each individual -c, with a space inbetween each command. So it looks like this:
    D:DOSBoxDOSBox.exe "-c" "Mount S D:SILENT" "-c" "S:" "-c" "SH.EXE"

  13. Awesome video.  I'm a late bloomer to dosbox though, and one of those guys who still has some old Win98 games I like to play from time to time.  I still have the cds, and I just went thru the excruciating process of mounting my cd drive in DB and then running the install.  Would it have been quicker if I just copied the cd locally and installed it??

    Another question. What if the game needs the cd to run, but it doesn't see the cd in the drive??

  14. First time playing around with dosbox – tremendously helpful tutorial! Thanks a bunch.

  15. I love how you say "H".

  16. microsoft sam

  17. Is this even legal lol?

  18. Question sir. do tasm emulator can cause damage to the computer physically if there's an error occur??

  19. Hi my name is shanie Maybe you can help me There is an old game I'm looking for I do not know his name The screen is blue and squares that passes through a worm, it closes the squares then it becomes yellow color I think his name was closing closing areas or areas This game was windos 95 I want to download the game but I can not find it you can help me my email is

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