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The PS4 Has Finally Been Hacked

After over 4 years of being on the market, the PS4 has finally been exploited and now has the ability to run unsigned code. This will allow hackers and homebrew developers to create a range of software including custom firmware as well as possibly pirate retail games.

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24 Comments on The PS4 Has Finally Been Hacked

  1. Sony has risen to a multi-billion dollar company, not limited to but most of it including, from charging its customers ridiculous prices for their games and some of their accessories.

    So I could care less anymore if their consoles get hacked and people start getting free games to play on them.

    I use to do EVERYTHING by the book by working more hours and saving up my money to buy the PS2 games and accessories but after the ridiculous costs we started seeing with the PS3 and then PS4, I had no quilt what-so-ever modding my PS consoles and playing all the free games I wanted to.
    Gotta love the retards who say well Sony had to charge those high costs to compensate due to the projected loss in revenue from pirating… this is total BS when knowing the facts of Sony BOLDLY advertised its console as being UNHACKABLE…almost if not to the point of even bragging about it which obviously will only encourage the hackers to embarrass them in front of the whole world!

  2. PS5 is backwards compatible to the PS1, this may because a way to respond to this.

  3. did anyone notice the background was from the ps3

  4. Fuck all those DRM … leave people do whatever the fuck wants on their hardware

  5. Something tells me the PS5 console security is gonna be a BEAST….

  6. sadly i know ps4 pro can turn into a pc but it not worth turn ps4 pro into pc

    Only Xp or win2000 can run

  7. sadly if you able to turn ps4 pro into ps3
    it not going to work

    Due to ps4 cpu is slower on Ps4 ui

  8. We need a anonymous here for us to make freedom for all

  9. xbox one still not haxcked 🙂

  10. As for PS1 games does the PS4 have a Laser that can reads CDs ? We all know for a fact that it can read DVDs and obviously Blu-Rays…..but CDs it needs its own dedicated laser aswell sooo

  11. Oh, boy, I can't wait to play GBA and PS1 games in glorious *4K!*

  12. Glad SONY is keeping hacker scum off of online multiplayer for now.

  13. At least the Xbox One is still safe..

  14. Well most of my friends are hackers. Im just a electronic engineer.

  15. So where is that hack?:)

  16. When someone says failedoverfl0w, I think of geohotz

  17. PSP sony's most pirated system? eeehh. sorry but original playstation must be the most pirated system ever (past and future). probably even more than floppy based systems

  18. no wonder Sony is actually a phony

  19. I have 5.05 ps4 consoles running linux and windows with virtual box

  20. I have 5.05 ps4 consoles running linux and windows with virtual box

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