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20 Comments on The Top 20 Features in Windows 7

  1. Hi Clip Training Channel Admin.

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  2. I feel bad. I've had my windows 7 for about 2 years and never knew about half of this stuff existed XD

  3. This is the most informative video I've seen on W7. I learned somethings I didn't know. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this video, I really appreciate.

  5. He's just helping, asswipe nobody just says "LETS NOT TASLK ABOUT WHAT WE'RE DOING LETS GO DO SHIT WE DON'T KNOW" And it's 35 seconds dumbshit. Get your shit together.

  6. Id like to know if a real firewall can be installed to replace the pathetic fake one, and can the troublesome automatic updates be permanently disabled, to keep windows from running slow.

  7. so did Bill "Faggot Ass" Gates get it right this time around?

  8. I did not know about the PSR! I get the impression that Microsoft doesn't promote all the features of Windows very well. Because many of these features in your video are unknown to the masses and actually really cool.

  9. That's informative, thank you =) I usually feel sleepy on other info video but not this one, and certainly not boring at all! Your voice is nice to listen and interpretations easy to understand.

  10. You could've saved alot of time simply by starting the video with 'Hi Im someone important.'.

  11. Sounds like an android..

  12. boring, the best feature of windows 7 is in right bottom corner….

  13. "lets not waste too much time about me"… Like 1 minute intro. Nice.

  14. This guy is a fag lol what the hell is with the beginning who does that in s YouTube video lmso

  15. @loadeddiaper1 dear clueless moron, get a clue…and empty that diaper as you are full of it…BAMM

  16. Microsoft Fay boy! it would have been to see some of these features in action. instead of videoized version of power point slides

  17. you are awesome man!

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