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The WAN Show – Adultery Site Ashley Madison HACKED! Jeep Cherokee HACKED! – July 24, 2015

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Phantom Glass:

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89
00:02:47 – Right to kill drones
00:10:50 – Toshiba CEO resigns over…

20 Comments on The WAN Show – Adultery Site Ashley Madison HACKED! Jeep Cherokee HACKED! – July 24, 2015

  1. cannabis is a PED, have some cannabis before playing my FPS(s) im immersed more reaction and accuracy improves

  2. linuscheatingtips

  3. @givingtnt i will find, i swear

  4. i got a toshiba 4k 65 inch tv it works fine for me

  5. Can't say that i feel bad for anyone who's been using Ashley Madison.

  6. i sense linus is sleeping on the couch for a while after that prank

  7. remember to use a disposable gift card, kids.

  8. lollipop nukes my s5's battery

  9. Any one else pronounce badminton with a silent t? Almost like bad-min-in…

  10. linus: don't play proffesional with a wireless mouse.
    hipster me: well linus i am playing cs go global elite level local tournaments with a wireless mouse so FEEEEECK YOUUUUUUEEEEEEWWW XD
    the fuck you is a joke btw

  11. i hacked my dads bmw windscreen wipers im 16 not extremly god at hacking so i think peopl

  12. +LinusTechTips  They might not be able to ban caffeine at LeMans, but they don't really need to, unless caffeine also works on the cars.  The drivers aren't what is being tested for 24 hours, only the car, and there are like 4 or 6 separate drivers that each take a segment of the race.  They swap out after a set number of hours during a pit stop!

  13. Caffeine's one hell of a drug they say.

  14. Luke: "Theres a mysterious car parked out front"
    Luke: "Its a Tek Syndicate Spy"
    Luke: "It would be so much fun to watch the world burn for a little while"
    Luke is Tek Syndicate's inside guy…tech-spiracy

  15. Please not the bies

  16. Linus obviously has an Ashley Madison account.

  17. So that is why linus owns a lemon. I get it now!

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