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The Windows 7 backup utility – Tutorial 1

From Backup your PC using the new and improved Windows 7 Backup Utility. Tutorial 1 – Configuring an automatic backup – In this video, we perform and schedule our first backup using the Windows 7 Backup and Restore control panel window. The Windows 7 version of the Backup Utility is much improved over Windows Vista and manages to be both the most powerful and easy to use Windows backup utility to date.

20 Comments on The Windows 7 backup utility – Tutorial 1

  1. Thank you your awesome

  2. My question is what if I have a C drive (SSD) for OS and system files and a D drive (HDD) for storage. Do I have to back up both separately??!!

  3. I need help to remove the backup?

  4. Why is it unlikely that my computer would have a separate partition? Thanks for the tutorial, I have just never used this before, I need some NAS but until the, i'll stick with the partition.

  5. so, can i restore any programs like my flstudio and cyberlink on a external hardrive with this way? please

    ANSWER please

  6. Do you have multiple hard disks in your computer? Are you backing up to the same disk that contains the data you are backing up? If you are reading the data from, and writing the backup data to the same disk, then that would cause a lot of I/O, and bring your system to a grinding halt. Also, in the event of hard disk failure the backups would be truly useless. I have no idea if this is the case, but I thought I'd throw that out there.

  7. help me…please, i have shadow volume problem ?

  8. when you start a backup of your computer, does it update the past discs, or do you create a new set of discs for a new backup? like 1 set for this week, another set for next week.

  9. In that case there's something wrong with your computer.

  10. When the backup runs, my computer is unusable. It slows everything down to a crawl. Useless, as always from Microsoft. Is there a REAL backup tool for Windows?

  11. I can do any tutorial in windows anyone would like just hit me up on my channel!

  12. Can I backup my operating system and programs without my files. Files like pics, music or videos.

  13. I had an issue using this utility on Win7-64. I setup a 2 TB external HDD through USB and went through this process just fine the first two times. Overtime, I noticed that I had several backups onto that one HDD. So, I got an error message stating that I had run out of room. Is there a way to have the Backup remove the older versions automatically? Or did I miss a step?

  14. wtf got a new pc and everytime i click back up it goes to system 32 help please :((

  15. @GAM156 did you ever fixed the problem? mine gets stuck at 51% , how did u fix it

  16. @TopWindowsTutorials hey on 3:48, doest it mean it overwrite old backup.sorry for bad english 😀

  17. usb is kin ad better

  18. @TopWindowsTutorials
    What do you mean? You can surely mount an system image on another pc and even boot from it if its enterprise or ultimate

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