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TileProxy Tutorial for FSX Windows 7

A how to install and configure for use, Download links to the software’s is down here here you will find download links for both TileProxy and the User INI file and allot of great tips

here is the link for Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider

Copy and paste this C:WindowsSystem32driverstileproxy.sys

i hope that this is help full cause i know…

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20 Comments on TileProxy Tutorial for FSX Windows 7

  1. questions this program does not work on windows 7 64bit

  2. I did everything specified in the video, but nevertheless I have my main FSX installation on drive D (D: Program Files (x86) FSX) and can not get it to work
    prosyUser: world / devixce / hardisckvolumen1 ==== c
    prosyUser: atempting to attach filter to volume N / devixce / hardisckvolumen1 (drive c)
    proxyUser: could not load filter drives; 0x80070241
    proxyUser: could not translate error: – 2147024319
    proxyUser: using Fltmc.exe fallback as … loading error, 0x80070241

    could not translate the motico the error. code message; 0x800770241.motivo, the 7th

    proxyuser; Could not attach to device; 0x801f0013 the system can not encontral the specified filter.
    proxyUser: fsx / device / HarddiskVolume1 === c
    proxyUser. fs9 / device / HarddiskVolume1 === c
    proxyUser: making sure superfetch servise is not running … connecting to the filter
    proxyUser: error connecting to filter port; 0x800770002
    c / fsx / tileproxy / pause
    precione any key to continue


  3. In my case, i did everything correct! I can start up Tile proxy, appears the message  " ready t takeoff " , but in FSX nothing happens.
    Could yo help me ?

  4. I did everything as specified in the video, but I do however have my main fsx installation on the D drive (D:Program files(x86)FSX ) and can't get it to work
    I get this error every time I start tileproxy
    proxyUser: Volume listing failed with error: 0x80070002 
    proxyUser: . Making sure SuperperFetch service is not running
    proxyUser: Connecting to the filter 
    proxyUser: ERROR connecting to filter port: 0x80070002

    I hope you can help

  5. Not being funny or anything, but my Windows 8 Bluescreened and needed re-installing as a result of trying to get this to work. Continue at your own risk people.

  6. Are you saying that, even in Vista, I'd need to use the DSEO, even when I don't get any prompts requesting me to verify the signatures?  I've recently went through the motions of installing, uninstalling and re-installing, tileproxy, until I finally got some sort of half working photorealism, but the only problem with that was, all of the land masses, were now covered with water with trees sticking up, then I got what seemed to be some sort of virus from the program.

  7. what do you do with this?:

  8. Anybody else have their antivirus program declare trojans after using the digital driver sign program? It installed three trojan-infected files in c:Windows on my machine. I allowed the original program as an exception, but deleted the other three as the signing should have been completed.

  9. For Hans, I followed everything to the letter, and Everything seems to be working fine,, up until I open FSX and then I keep getting this message saying unable to create cache service or unable to create cache folder. it just keeps streaming and when I select everything and try to fly loading slows to a halt by 33-37%
    Please help

  10. For those still getting an error saying X07008.. etc.. (not exactly as it shows) Double check the copied text above for when you are going to sign the driver. I coppied and pasted it but it came up wrong. Make sure the end of it says ".sys" as it is a system folder.. When I C&P it, it kept showing up as ".sy-s' " That might be an issue…

  11. please help.. did everything asked,when i started tp as shown (5:29) what comes up in the command box is a lot of txt with things like error,making sure superfetch isnt running,connecting to the filter..or connecting to the filter port 0x8007002…its saying windows cant verify the digital signature for this file,yet i did everything in the video,and am running in test mode.. very frustrating,please help

  12. I get an extract:error installing worldA2.bgl during installation any ideas?

  13. So I followed all steps to the penny. I removed all related ftx global things out of the scenery library and restarted. Im still seeing ftx global even though it is not in the scenery library anymore, and not seeing tile proxy. Please help.

  14. watch the whole video and you will know 🙂 it is essential that you do all these things because if not well Tileproxy wont work

  15. C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Games. How do you run it in test mode.

  16. when you install Tileproxy they ask you where you want to set the folders i actually set everything targeted on my FSX main folder now, don't give up give it a try 🙂 i whas about to quit everything whas in Spanish i had to find out things my self for the most part frustrating as heck try setting everything in the FSX main folder i do that for all my addons it also keeps things in order if something is wrong you know where to look.

  17. If that's the problem then what should i do? I think tile proxy is not for me!

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