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Tips and tricks: How to download torrents using utorrent (Windows 7)

How to download torrent onto your PC using utorrent, follow tutorial.

utorrent download link –

The Pirate Bay

Other torrent sites can be used, but The Pirate Bay is my personal best

11 Comments on Tips and tricks: How to download torrents using utorrent (Windows 7)

  1. I'm technologically retarded, after I download it, how do i mount it? I go to where the file is and it doesn't give me the option to mount. And when I go into Daemon tools, it's only for pictures, please help me, what do I do?

  2. what the type of the file you donwload?
    ISO= use daemon tool to install

    many winrar file= extract all the winrar file (only the winrar file not other file) at the same time

    PS1/2/3 Iso = burn it with any software that had the service (Imageburner)

    and good luck

  3. @iModYou if it isnt… does it mean it wont work? :s

  4. when im going to download something i dont have the file select download come up how do i get it to come up

  5. ok heres a question i did everything u did and it comes up as a notepad or text file wtf should i do? btw i downloading need for speed most wanted pleeeeeeeeeeeassssssseeeeeeeeeee repppppppppppppppllllllllllyyyyyyyy

  6. @sotosxboxakias when your on utorrent, go onto prefrences (ctrl+p) and click on 'connection' and press 'random port'

  7. i have a problem with utorrent when i am going to download torrent it doesn't
    download and when i do connection test says that the port is closed and i don't
    know what to do {plz help me}

  8. @EGVPIMP is it an '.ISO' file?

  9. @Basynovsky it probably has something to do with your your internet service provider or the actual torrent your downloading itself rather than the actual program. try searching 'hot to make utorrent 2.0 faster' on youtube, this may help, but im not to sure!

  10. yea i need to know what to do aftter a game is downloaded for i can play it plz help me

  11. hey man, i also have windows 7 x86, but i have a problem with the utorrent.First 10 seconds download with MB speeds, and then with 10kb-100kb.Did you haved any problem like mine with the utorrent?

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