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TIPS & TRICKS (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Back yet again with some Fortnite Battle Royale – In this video I give you a few tips & tricks that might help you in your games.

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49 Comments on TIPS & TRICKS (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Thank you for everything!

  2. And next thing you know, you’re at 2.4 mil subscribers

  3. New sub and comment????????


  5. Thank you very much for tips and tricks

  6. Your voice is satisfying

  7. I remember watching this back in the days, good old fortnite ????

  8. It makes me upset that I look at how good the game was and now I see how they fucked up their game

  9. 2018 and 2m subs later still a beast

  10. August 2018 anyone? Congrats on 2 mil subs DK!

  11. Wtf he Had 100k 9 months ago nie 2m pretty good Channel and player

  12. My hack, land in places that have like 1 or 2 houses bc no one wants to land there so you'll get the house to yourself

  13. How do you switch to guns fast if switch quickbar and selecting walls are both "Q".??. Tell plz!

  14. now look u have almost 2 mil

  15. Watching this in july 2018 makes no sense

  16. 100k? Lamo I hope u will get ur 10 mil as soon as u can!!

  17. never knew about hit scan… damn

  18. Holy shit the growth of your channel 7 months ago 100k now 1.6 mil

    Me however
    2 years ago 0
    Now 13 yay

  19. People who disliked hates his voice!

  20. DK are you from Denmark/er du fra Danmark

  21. You are a fortnite pro bro PRO

  22. 100K? ALREADY 1.4M NOW!? UR CRAZY

  23. checking this video out for a speech I'm doing on how to play Fortnite, you taught me everything! DARK ARMY FTW

  24. bro just ate a cup full of sand, god drink water boy

  25. 100k then, for about 5 months ago now your at 1,3 mil

  26. Map at 1:03. 9 places that didn't exist. Can you name them all?

  27. WOW 100 K? i thought u were at 1Mil??/

  28. 5 months later, 1.1mil up

  29. Holy shit 5 months ago you just reached 100k you're now nearly at 2 mil

  30. Has more then 1M subscribers now,he is going far in youtube

  31. gains 1 million more 5 months later

  32. more like 1 million, DAYUM

  33. Wait you had 100k and now 1mil how

  34. So you got a million subs in 5 months!! dam

  35. I feel like I am getting no where.500 games and still no solo win.Is this normal cuz I feel like the only one

  36. 100k 5 Months ago. Now its More than 1 Million. Very deserved. Best Youtuber

  37. are you from Denmark cause i am too

  38. I love your thumbnails, they're simple, clean and modern.

  39. Thx for the tips you deserve 1m subs which u now have

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