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Here are some tips and tricks that helped me get over 10 wins in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout during the beta. Wins will come easy using these tips and tricks. If you need help with your settings check out this video:

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  1. If you guys enjoyed this video smash the thumbs up! Are you guys excited for Blackout?

  2. My tv goes to 60% for example contrast go to 60% only not 100%

    So you should turn contrast to 60 or 90 if you can

    Then brightness 50 or 30 or 28 or 48 then the in game brightness 30 or 40 setting

    Then color 50 or 80

    Then sharpness 6 or 12

    Then black light 11 or 12

    Then tint 0

    Then dynamic contrast on

    BMR 120 on, if you have it in advance settings for display

  3. Im so bad at battle royal cod 4

  4. Ive done everything in the video for well over 100 matches. & ive only got one win. Maybe its just me & blackout isnt for me. Witch is a shame cos i enjoy playing it. Plz help!

  5. Lvl 3 sucks sick to lvl 2

  6. The Armor in this game is to strong

  7. Lovely very helpful

  8. Can you please talk about how important it is for you and your teammates to stick together no matter what? I love my friends, but it seems like they don't know what sticking together means. We could all agree to go to Factory, but there's always one that goes to somewhere else far away from where the rest of us landed. ????

  9. I need it for my noob friend thx

  10. Enjoyed this – thanks!

  11. Did not find this helpful at all. None of the information you gave was %100 accurate. Idk man this vid just sucked

  12. Hey bro, I'm from Brazil and I love your videos. I'd like to say that I've used part of this video in my video about Blackout free trial, but I imput the link from your channel on the description and I put your name on the video to my subscribers to know about you.

  13. Thanks man this helped

  14. What a great video and great tips. Nice W bro.

  15. Thank you soooo much! Second game i played after i watched this video i won with 8 kills???????????????? Subscribed

  16. Are you on pc, ps4 or Xbox?

  17. Bruh u dropped and u instantly got my fav load out
    ICR and Paladin

  18. Damn your really good bro i just got the game last week and damn i suck bad lol iv gotten 3 kills in one game but practice makes perfect.

  19. What's ur audio settings I cant hear people unless there not close but semi close

  20. Really good tips dude it's working out great now in blackout. Subbed????

  21. i just started 2 days ago

  22. 10:03
    He is commentating like he is playing at that exact moment ????

  23. Really improved after listening to the tips

  24. Love your content man! It's helping me a lot. Would you care if I were to make a video on my channel for some of the tips? I wouldn't take credit for them since it's already technically your content

  25. So is hanging back around the edge of the circle a good tactic?

  26. You just wasted 14 minuuteissa of my life.

  27. Step 1: Play on PC

    Be amazed on how ez mode is the console version.

  28. When it's a far away place skydive to 60km then float towards the place…thank me later!

  29. When it's a far away place skydive to 60km then float towards the place…thank me later!

  30. Wth you just killed the motor bike WTF ???? thats the only bad kill you got ????

  31. Ew look at that console peasant reaction time

  32. When it's for you, it's for you. 3 armor's lvl 3 in a match …

  33. Horrible guide. Don’t waste your time watching this unless you’re literally only trying to learn COMMON SENSE

  34. My tip is don't take tips from noob YouTubers

  35. Nice video. Very helpful. Thanks!

  36. Maybe some advanced tips for your next video? Final circle stuff? Cheers

  37. this is more like "how to play", not "how to win"

  38. Come man, your scared of the zone. Your first tip should be don't be scared of the zone. Pick up any outlander and mobility you can and alot of bandages. I've won games by just sitting in the zone when the last circle closes

  39. Does armor help you from headshots

  40. I wish everyone who played blackout wouldn't camp, laying down at the edge of the circle, waiting for players running from the blue.. It pisses me off. I understand, we all want to win. But just sitting in a house with backs against a corner or laying down at the edge of the circle for the whole game is weak.

  41. Hey bro good video on everything but all it was was you giving commentary on your match and giving pointers. It wasn’t tips and tricks? Good video nonetheless

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