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8 Comments on TIPS & TRICKS using Windows 7 on Macbook pro desktop tips ultimate

  1. Windows 7 runs better on a mac because apple has a much higher standard for their hardware. Microsoft should stop being a bunch of P*^^%s and put the hammer down on these sh$%^y hardware manufacturers I.E Hp,Acer, Sony, ect.. Nice video btw!

  2. i got window7 installed on my macbook pro 15in i5 lately i got problem with window7 freezing on my macbook very annouying it happend ramdom now im about to give up window7 on macbook pro

  3. omg!! i cant believe this video

  4. Hey!

    I have a question. Does it has the Aero effects?!
    I'm gonna buy a macbook pro next month!
    But I'm using windows 7 now, and I need it for school :O!


  5. Windows on mac, runs better than any other PC….

    AMEN to that son! agree a 100% with you

  6. good video 🙂
    5/5 !!!

  7. Thanks for the tricks. I would give it a 5/5 stars but you have it disabled.

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