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Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

This is a continuation of my Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using PowerPoint and Office 365.

Check out the original PowerPoint 2016 video at
Find how to present a PowerPoint video in Skype for Business at

1. Add-ins 0:29
2. Design Ideas 1:45
3. Skype for Business 2:25
4. Screen Recording 3:33
5. Templates 4:33

41 Comments on Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

  1. Each and every video is so helpful.I am trying to teach technology to myself, with these videos. THANK YOU…..

  2. Thank u !
    To translate it in Arabic
    good video ????

  3. Very nice videos but not visible options which u r taking

  4. very easy to understand your presentation and very helpful. These are definitely tools that make the pptx. more appealing and interesting

  5. Excellent presentation, thank you.

  6. How can you make a PowerPoint and record it to be a video? That way, I don't need other apps to make a video

  7. i liked it and leaving a comment..but I forgot what my comment was. O well..shucks! O I remembered.. Thank you

  8. The big question is how I am going to put my green screen video and remove its green background for PowerPoint video layouts in just simple clicks?

  9. why does it says error when im about to insert the comic 🙁

  10. That was just amazing. Thanks.

  11. i love it and to follow you for all your updates. tell me how can i help you guys in your journey.

  12. What is the version of this microsoft powerpoint office? Do anyone can help me to get this version?

  13. I changed a PDF into a PP presentation. Al the words are joined together. Anyone know how to sort it please ????

  14. Thank you for such a informative lesson and best ideas.

  15. Useful vedio thanks all of you

  16. Very helpful tutorial. Thank you

  17. Extremely helpful video, especially #5 Templates – I'm just about to create a whole load of Powerpoint videos and that one tip is very valuable, thank you for sharing. I like your style of presentation too…vary calming and assured, it's a shame my old school teachers weren't like that!

  18. nice tutorial,,,informative very much..keep going

  19. Great tutorial, very well presented. Thanks

  20. Thanks mill this will help my channel

  21. Indeed great tips . Thanks

  22. How to control ppt slideshow using mobile phone

  23. really helpful..Thank you

  24. thanks man this rlly helped!

  25. not bad, but these skills are really quite elementary.

  26. Thank You!!! Nice presentation! Short and sweet! Much appreciated!

  27. great tips but i have one question i do not have the design idea bar in my Office how i can get it ?

  28. This is very helpful! In my 6 years of using powerpoint one tip that I only know is the second method of linking an excel sheet to the ppt. Thank you so much sir!

  29. Thanks for the videos you are amazing

  30. An excellent informative video thanks. I will be showing it to my students so they can learn from it too.

  31. Reaalllllyyyyyyy helpful. Thanks

  32. Thanks so much!!!!!

  33. Great lesson. Thank you!

  34. Nice video. My takeaways are creating templates and add ins. I would be using in my future slides/videos. Thanks

  35. How to bring name as a default on top right and that design

  36. Excellent video Jason!

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