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Top 7 ARK Secrets You Should Know – Tips Tricks Glitch Bugs – 2017

Top 7 ARK Secrets You Should Know if you play ARK Survival Evolved. These secrets stuff is great stuff to know if you play ark, no matter how much play time you have.

If you have a better secret that you want to share with the rest of us, please write it in a comment below and you’ll be our hero for the day!

Here is the link for the top 7 full length videos:

7 – Generator Trick

6 – Unlimited Weight on player

5 – Babies eat no…

42 Comments on Top 7 ARK Secrets You Should Know – Tips Tricks Glitch Bugs – 2017

  1. U can put fuel in the generator?

  2. Does Number 5 STILL Work?

  3. man kan høre du er dansker


  5. Lets get staahhted!!

  6. Bist du Deutscher :3?

  7. Du er dansker….

  8. That bad accent can't be anything else than danish x3
    All we danes are doomed to have the worst accent :3

  9. Does #5 still work 8/29/2017?

  10. They fixed almost Every glitch

  11. Dein deutscher Akzent killt mich????

  12. number 5…… :'v lag kill my Rex

  13. i am aware you could move anything on a quetz, an enemy on my server that i now dominate didnt believe i would fly a titansuar but then i did lol.

  14. Danish confirmed. You can hear how retarded the danish language is from miles away

  15. I was starting the video and thought it isn't a secret if you tell us, and if it is a secret how come you know about it?

  16. why is everyone so mad?
    oh sorry about your mega alpha tribe
    not being able to use glitches just fuck off and play the game normally
    and stop hating on him

    The devs probably know about these just some video isn't gonna change the game like you're the only geniuses that know about these glitches

  17. Number 7, it sounds like you're saying the wall drops down on the generator, but it's actually a vault. Wall is so different from vault I can't tell if it's your accent or you just got it wrong

  18. Need some people to play with on ps4. comment and I'll give you my psn.

  19. whats the music track at ~1minute starting?

  20. Love all the salty tears over number 5 being exposed. Just learn to play the game legit or stay in single player.

  21. This was very useful thank u 🙂

  22. como cojo animales salvajes en pve para meterlos en una base de otra persona?ayuda por favor

  23. Then what do you do with the vaults after the generator burns through 800 gas

  24. is he talking like that to be funny? it's annoying

  25. I thought number 1 should be number 7, the metal ones are rarer to know

  26. he reminds me of that Indian dude on the Simpsons. "thank you come again"

  27. If it's a secret we're not going to know it are we????????

  28. what are you saying?!?!?!

  29. Any new tips on metal farming

  30. Also if you drag a baby flyer into water it will fly

  31. I kill Titans with wooden club

  32. That is copyright I saw that video already

  33. Just shows what ark is, not a game of skill but a game of who's better at finding exploits, fuck ark

  34. These videos counter productive – once you advertise it like this for a couple K view, you just give the hint to the devs and they patch it out.

    "thanks" for it mate… 🙁

  35. Lav danske videoer plz


  37. Du er en god youtuber (spiller ark

  38. Er du dansker (du har en dansk accent) ????

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