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Top Tricks XIAOMI A2 Lite – Best Options / Tips / Advanced Settings

The list of the best features and settings for XIAOMI A2 Lite. Check out the most helpfulf tips for XIAOMI A2 Lite. Use the advanced options and use your XIAOMI A2 Lite in a better way.

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44 Comments on Top Tricks XIAOMI A2 Lite – Best Options / Tips / Advanced Settings

  1. Boże wiedziałam że jesteś Polakiem haha

  2. I would like to get a lock screen widgets for playing music. Help please

  3. How to fix it when the left side of my screen doesn't work? Any solution?

  4. How can add or remove buttons in accessibility menu switch. Plz reply..i cant find this option in my a2 lite

  5. Hi, does anyone know how to get system ui tuner to work in xiaomi mi a2 lite (android 9.1) ? I can get the menu to show up by downloading it from playstore, but whenever I try to hide icons, they show up again after I swipe down the menu from top screen. …..

  6. how to change region on this phone?

  7. Hello everyone. Can you show me how to disable double touch to unlock screen on XIAOMI A2 Lite. Thanks alot.

  8. How to set double tap screen

  9. Can You tell me how to remove google strip from start screen.

  10. Hi
    Please compare Mi a2 lite (only dialer/contact) with any note 5 pro.
    actually its need to be comparison between android one dialer and miui dialer

  11. Dobry masz angielski. Pzdr

  12. How to use split screen

  13. it doesn't work with me is my mobile is fake or high copy ??

  14. How make a folder in menu? Colud you help me

  15. When I call a number then Calling sensor does not work. That means the lights are lit on the display during the call . please tell me how can I stop it.

  16. Please help me how to remove jump camera in my a2 lite

  17. How can I listen to my music? Which apps do you prefer because I've got no clue

  18. How I Can change contact name? (on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite)

  19. Amar mobile sitting nossto hoy gesay

  20. Has everyone wireles problems

  21. mi a2 lite noch black and white how doing?plz…..tall me

  22. Omg you sounds like dat uganda knuckles ????????????????????

  23. I got mia 2lite????????????????????????????????

  24. Este Mi A2 lite tiene la opción de dual app? Por ejemplo para whatsapp?

  25. a2 lite ke 6 pro kora jaba

  26. how can i send apps fie from my internal storage to memory card

  27. Can't I turn the notch on or off

  28. Hi
    Tell me, how to activate face unlock ?

  29. Hove can ı remove the screen buton

  30. Watching on my Mind A2 Lite

  31. Do a video a pie version of mi a2 lite

  32. Where can i get the same wallpaper which you have on your mi a2 lite???

  33. Where is full screen display option on mi a2 lite

  34. How to get full screen display option. On mi a2 lite sir

  35. how can i activate double tap to wake feature in a2 lite?

  36. Someone help me! How to turn off double tap to show the screen?? When the phone is in my pocket and double tap in my leg it turn the screen on and click everywhere!!! Please heeelp

  37. It ispossible to add Fingerprint on XIAOMI A2 Lite to lock the Screen?Thanks

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