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Tortoise SVN Tutorial

This is a simple explanation and use of Tortoise SVN on Windows. It’s a really good utility and if you use SVN then this is probably the best one for Windows. On Linux RabbitVCS is the best I know of with a GUI.

12 Comments on Tortoise SVN Tutorial

  1. What did you replace Code Spaces with? And were you affected?

  2. Good for basics. Thanks!

  3. Thank you, very helpful!

  4. Nice Tutorials I love it

  5. When there's a conflict, you don't merge them… you resolve them 😉

  6. Ive never heard of that, I actually use GIT 100% now

  7. I'm barely starting with this SVN stuff, but I heard there's DVCS also? Have you tried using DVCS? Do you know whats better?

  8. Sometimes you have to run Clean Up…
    … not exactly sure why …


  9. @Exile51 i would do a cleanup (just for fun), then try re-adding, if that doesn't work make sure to copy your files someplace else, do an Update to get whats on the server, then you can replace the files manually.

  10. i just want to say lol

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