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24 Comments on Total Commander Tips and Tricks (part 1)

  1. why do people use this software in 3 programmer company i went i saw guys using this.why is it better than default way?

  2. What is it with these effing people putting music,good,bad or indifferent on their videos ? Completely unnecessary,pretentious and distracting and of no relevance to the content. It distracts me from concentrating on what the contributor has to tell and it dissuades me immediately from watching so I didn't watch this one either…crap.

  3. аөх

  4. Thank you thumbs up

  5. Can you speak? This would be much better than several mouseklicks without any explanations! :o(

  6. Get a look and save your time with Total Commander.

  7. Gentleman, thx 4 ur time. I have about 600 .pdf files in one folder each file will have at least 2 to 3 color images some don't. How can I find only color images (color images are also pdf format only) by using total commander thanks in advance.

  8. Hteo sam da mi odgovoris ako znas kako da u new folderu mi ostane ime fajla koji mi je obelezen automatski i da na kraju imena u nju folderu imam znak stiklirano kako bi misem pritisnuo tu enter.    I wanted to answer if you know how in the new folder I will remain the name of the file that is marked automatically and at the end of the name in  I have not character styled so that the mouse can press this enter

  9. Great video. Is there a way to add a bookmarks bar with sub-directory shortcuts, similar to how it is done in clover and google chrome?

  10. what's the name of symphony ?

  11. How do you change the Language settings ?

  12. Thanks man, helped a lot 🙂

  13. what options do you use

  14. Very helpful Tutorial. Thank you very much 🙂

  15. @2eidel Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550: I. Molto allegro

  16. What is the name the song that background you friend?

  17. Certainly a great program, I've had it for about ten years and until six months ago I've probably only used 5% of it's ability, whereas now it certainly rocks.

  18. Nice Tutorial M8!! But you have to do something about the color setting 😉 No hard feeling's…You can try out my setting if you like! TAKE CARE OF YOUR EYE'S

  19. feck me i wish this had comments … you know the dude speakin instead of this funky disco music now im its got me in the mood for a boogie jam master funk flex dance floor shopping session

  20. @yohvh no, you are stupid and gay

  21. The multi-rename tool is much more flexible than what's seen in the video. You can define the number of digits, starting number and step size for multiple Counters right in the filename mask box. You can use placeholders to only make certain parts of the name uppercase or lower case, etc.

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