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Tricks in the Windows File Manager
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A few tricks in the windows filemanager that makes finding files more convenient. Also I forgot to add, you can even type C: or any other drive name in the file name bar as an easy way to access files in the root drive directory.


20 Comments on Tricks in the Windows File Manager

  1. Who doesn't know that basic stuff???? Jeez, do ppl just speak to their computers and expect them to provide the information?

  2. @GMOddxballer wow.thats weird.i used to know this when i was about 7

  3. Well, not really. It's actually a hell of a lot better.

  4. Ajax.. would that be age of mythology??

  5. instead of dot dot, i use backspace(more speed!!)

  6. WoW Thanks, those are great tips! JR, would you happen to know how to make XP's file maggalar preform like VISTA's? i really like how vista show's the speed of the transfer, and it would so sweet if it was just a bit more advanced, and there was a resume, just in case of a fail…. Take care, and thanks again the the time saving tips!

  7. i know 10.0000 more and harder things i know this when i was 8

  8. Very useful kind of feel like a dumb ass not knowing this.

  9. Nice trick Jimmy.


  10. well i do video editing, and nearly all the plug-ins and software i need dont work on Vista,
    and even if one does work another one that i need to make the one that works, work! isnt compatible with Vista, for me Vista has a good mix of speed its super fast, just thats about it to me

  11. lol` i dunno' the writing` just look's boaring otherwise``

  12. Is this a chat or something? Lol, why do you type "´" that much, is your keyboard broken or what? Lol.

  13. lol` nah stuff that dude i'd rather just stick with xP pro` Vista has a long way to go before i even consider it` lol'" Vista is like the windows version of a Mac` lol

  14. You're welcome. 🙂 By the way, there is something called "Virtual PC" from Microsoft, it lets you virtually have a PC inside a PC, it's mostly like running any Windows inside of an opened window, to fix your problem, you can run Firefox with this, virtually using Windows XP with this aplication. Cheers! 😀

  15. `no i installed it properly but it kept crashing within like 5 seconds` had to keep opening the task bar`! you're the noob thanks`

  16. You're just a n00b, maybe you don't even know how to install Firefox, and yes, iMac is an usless piece of expensive junk.

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