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Turn your windows 7 laptop into wifi hotspot with Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adaptor

If you want to Create a Free Wifi Hotspot with a Free Software / Application, then you must see my new video:

This video will guide you step by step how to convert your windows 7 laptop into a wifi hotspot with Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adaptor.


Good thing is that you don’t have to install any software. Its built function of Windows 7.


20 Comments on Turn your windows 7 laptop into wifi hotspot with Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adaptor

  1. this is working 🙂 Yaaaaaa
    thanku thanku very much Saifee sir /

  2. i cant creat any new network connection why?

  3. Assalaam O Alaikum, Dear Saifee Mir sahib, i am very thankful to you for this helpful video. thank you so much,

  4. Nice one….. Many thanks

  5. i have problem with microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter it shows yellow mark in device manager can you plz help me to fix the driver. AND I ALL SO NOT ABLE TO SEE MICROSOFT VERTUAL MINI PORT ADEPTER IN NETWORK SHARING CENTER PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP MEEEEEEE

  6. Hi. It worked, I can now connect my mobile device BUT I still cannot browse any website thru my phone. :(

  7. Thanks Saifee. It works

  8. The hosted network couldnt be started a device attached to the system is not functioning…….shwo error…

  9. superb …working…

  10. This is brilliant. Works like a charm, Thanks

  11. hey bro +Saifee Mir i am unable to share my internet connection with the microsoft virtual hotspot creator bro ,showing 'error 1058' 
    kindly guide

  12. Hey Bro,
    I have followed steps as you have mentioned above but i was unable to create the "microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter" in my laptop. plz give me solution of above mentioned problem.

  13. Hi, this worked properly for me. But after some two weeks one day suddenly power went off and this wifi stopped working, From that day what is happening is when i try to connect in my mobile either it will not connect and stay as SAVED or it will connect and remain for one minute and again disconnect. This happens now, please can you tel what may have went wrong.?

  14. it's not workin in my lapi…lenovo windows7 problm says is cmd nt found plz help me

  15. hi. i just follow the steps correctly but after i added the command successfully it didnt appear on the network connections. can you please help me with these?? thank you.

  16. pls help i have succesfully done command prompt step but there is no MVWMA . what should i do ?

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