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[Tutorial] How to make a stealthy Virtual Machine

This is a tutorial, so no scambaiting here this time. If you want to avoid scammers picking up that you’re baiting them with a Virtual Machine, this is how to make it really stealthy.

You’ll need the following Registry Point:

Search for the following 4 GUIDs:

You can download the VMware…

Incoming search terms:

39 Comments on [Tutorial] How to make a stealthy Virtual Machine

  1. Rather than take permissions in RegEdit, you can enable the "god" administrator account using "net user administrator /active:yes" and then logging in as that user – use "net user administrator /active:no" afterwards to disable it – run CMD as Administrator to use these commands – or alternatively use "lusrmgr.msc" and the GUI to enable Administrator.

  2. To Speak Plainly, many "Free" porn sites are run by malicious people not satisfied with ad revenues. I see this as an extra layer of Security. Won't Help with "Illegal Content" or Serious Hackages, or NSA.

  3. I want to thank Jim Browning for placing these files on an open download on mega.
    Since the dotcom Problems, I've avoided installing the software.
    What is Your Opinion on Security Risk?

  4. How to make your grandpas real pc look like a vm, so he wont get scammed!

  5. You are telling people who have not got the intelligence to know they are being scammed that they should make changes to the Registry. For fuck sake mate.

  6. Dont forget to install random programs and games a trash and make it look like ur grands computer also use it for like a long time a few months so in browsing history theres a lot of stuff u could backup history from a google account or something but it might say it was not browsed on the VM.

  7. Shouldn't you change the network adapter name as well?

  8. Is apple care worth it?

  9. 84 $cammers watched this and disliked

  10. It’s a shame we can’t rename every family member’s system to actually look like VMware, so that the potentially vulnerable people become less so.

  11. Imagine running a system with an NVidia GTX 1080, yet using only 2GB of RAM. That's like giving a toddler a rocket launcher.

  12. I just wrap my computer with tinfoil so the hackers can’t get in my computer

  13. 80 Indian technician unlike.. lol

  14. Dont forget to disable syskey in the registry… then politely thank them for fixing!

  15. when are you going to do a how to set up for vbox win7?

  16. You should put the memz virus on a scammers pc after getting access if thats possible

  17. 4:45 Save all that with permissions and make sure you are either logged in as local administrator or the account you are logged in with is in the administrators group. Registry objects belong to owner Administrators group by default.

  18. Fuck theres a lot to change just to fuck with scammers

  19. Wonderful once scammed never forgotton

  20. Couldn't you just search for all entries in the registry editor containing the text "vmware"?

  21. Simpler way is creating a sub-user and disabling Disk Management and Device Drivers

  22. What if there is no vmx file. I searched c and d drive. All through the oracle files. Cannot find any vmx file

  23. What about disk space? If they see the machine’s total disk space is 40, 50 or even 100GB, they will know that it’s not real. Realistically no computer in the last decade has less than 250GB of disk space.

  24. What if bios version/date shows VMware?

  25. Love your vids and you, man! Kudos for all the good work. Enjoying binge watching your vids!!

  26. Jim should be even more clever and get Indian courts to take down his videos for defamation laws which are far more broad and applicable under Indian law, that way he can get his videos taken down in India. Also Jim probably knows better than to go to India by now xD

  27. Looks like the stealthytools.reg doesn't work anymore for 15.1.0 build-13591040

  28. Thank you for all your help .Love your channel and your personal style. Newly retire criminal investigator here, looking for this activity to fill up all my new spare time. Working on skill for the USA.
    Question: what software do you use for recording VoIP. Also could you recommend a good service. Thanks again.

  29. 4:11 I'm getting the error "Unable to save permission changes on Enum. Access is denied." on my Windows 7 VM.


  31. Do you have a torrent link for your complete image? Even a website download?

  32. A better way to change the device names, which also works with other virtual machine software is to open device manager, and for each device that gives away that it's a VM opening its properties, opening the "Details" tab, copying the "Driver key" value, searching the registry for it, and changing the "Friendly name" values, or creating them, after giving yourself permission to edit the keys

  33. This is amazing! I'm not as tech-savvy as you are. But I have a burner phone, a chatty personality, and a lengthy commute. So my new walk-to-work activity is to waste as much scammer time as possible. My record is 90 minutes.

    Keep up the good work Jim! You're an inspiration.

  34. What if he ctrl + F your registry for phrase Vmware?

  35. You could probably just change all VMWare refs to something like Dell or Samsung?

  36. Is this all done inside the VM?

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