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Tutorial – How to make your laptop as a wireless router.. Windows 7 and Vista

Heya guys..

In this video I’ll teach you how to make your laptop as wireless router “ad-hoc computer to computer network” so that you can connect other devices through it.

For example, if you have a DSL connection, you have an iphone and you don’t have wireless router! Simply, follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to connect your iphone through the internet using your laptop.

Hope this will be helpful.

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20 Comments on Tutorial – How to make your laptop as a wireless router.. Windows 7 and Vista

  1. How do I fix No Signal problem?

  2. Hi  my windows could not set up any names why ?

  3. i can see the wifi on all devices but it cant connect after i enter the password

  4. ad-hoc does not work with a lot of mobile devices

  5. hey! i have a problem,….. everything went fine i.e, my laptop shows that it's connected ,and even my ipad detects the network with good strength ,but the problem is that it says "NO INTERNET ACCESS" and shows a 'caution' symbol on the connection icon . so,please,……………………tell me what to do now?


  7. the option are not showing in my pc

  8. The network is not showing up in my phone

  9. what if it doesnt give the option to create a ad hoc network becus i see everything but that

  10. I like your video very much

  11. I like your video very much

  12. I am using desktop  with windows 7 it doesnot have option to create wireless adhoc network. in drivers it contain on ethernnet drivers i cannot found wireless drivers. 
    please help me in sorting it.

  13. Not really what im looking for I want my laptop to be like a wireless adapter for my desktop(so the desktop can connect to wireless hotspots(my router))

  14. Ur from Kuwait I support u

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